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My biggest downfall is chocolate/crisps/cakes. I love junk food a bit too much lol and I just want to know how do you ladies keep healthy? What foods do you eat? What sort of exercises do you do?

I have noticed I feel bloated a lot of time, whether I eat a snack, a full meal or even just have a drink of water or tea. It's horrible to feel bloated all the time and makes me feel fat and a bit miserable really.

I love salad and veg but not really a big fan of fruit. Do you have any suggestions of light weight meals I could try? I was thinking maybe smoothies might be a good idea...

I want to be as healthy as I can so I can be ready for my next IVF round

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  • Sorry beauty but I'm exactly the same as you. I love chocolate, cakes & biscuits & won't say no to crisps. I don't like much fruit or salad, but like veg. I also don't do much exercise! I shall follow this post & hope some ideas come our way ☺ x

  • Slimming world promotes itself as more healthy eating plan than a diet. They don't like fruit smoothies but soups are a good way to get your veg in. The soups are so easy like a butternut squash, sweet potato, onion, celery stick, add stock, simmer until squash and potato mushy and maybe add a bit of sage, and blend up. You have a healthy filling soup.

  • Thanks Emma, I will look into some soup recipes, never made any before so I guess I'll trial and error and see how it goes :) x

  • It's so easy and cheap. Just need a blender. Leek and potato is also easy but I find it a bit bland now.

  • I found I literally have no self control when it comes to my junk food lol if we have it I'll eat it i cant help it. So i made a point of doing online shopping so i couldn't be tempted in the shop, and not buying junk food, only getting probably one treat for the week which we usually had on Sunday :) i also didn't keep cash in my purse so that way i couldn't buy any from our local shop cause they didn't take card ;) that's the only way i could do it because i just see it and want it lol if you have lots of veggies don't worry too much that you can't eat fruit. I'm the opposite: i love fruit and not so much veggies and i spoke to my midwife this week and she said as long as you counter balance it and eat a bit more of the other it should be ok. For my sweet tooth after lunch i used to have alpro chocolate yoghurts which aren't too bad for you and also for a savoury snack i loved the weight watchers crisps. They help keep any cravings at bay. Snacks a jacks i liked too :) good luck xxx

  • It's hard isn't it. I try not to carry cash either to stop the temptation, it's hard though sometimes because I work in an office and everyday a few of the girls go to get McDonald's or KFC it's hard to resist as the smell is amazing. I think I'm going to look at making a stir fry or something I can put loads of veg in.I might invest in a George Forman it'll give me an excuse to cook meat and have some veg/salad with it. I'll look into the weight watchers crisps too ☺️ xx

  • Oh, I understand you very well, I was obsessed with junk food before I have started my last de ivf cycle. I couldn't reduce the level of bad food in my every day meals. Lots of sugar, caffeine, sweets and so on and so far. But once I noticed it has bad impact on my fertility, so I decided to throw away all these haha, my fridge became full of avocados, Brazil nuts as well, fresh juice and cold water fish. Lots of organic food, honestly I'm not a big fun of veg and fruit but I understand it is needed for my future babies.

  • I'm the same. I have never been able to diet and eat healthily for myself but once I read it affects your

    Fertility, it has all changed. Lots of

    Fruit, beg, water and no alcohol x

  • No alcohol, never, honestly I wasn't a big fun of it actually. I could drink a glass of red wine and that's it. And now, it all has changed as you said. I want my babies were healthy.

    My 2www is an emotional rollercoaster, I can't stand waiting

  • I will defo be more strict with my diet now I think I'm starting to realise what it's doing to my body and I just feel so rubbish. I need to do all I can to be able to have a family. Thank you for your reply x

  • I have a really sweet tooth as well I find if i go cold turkey for long enough I don't crave the sugar as much I think it's the only way to do it.

    I've swapped to dark chocolate 85%coco and find that a couple of squares gives me my fix. Peanut butter (buy a healthy option) on toast is a good snack. A couple of dries dates and walnuts is another treat or natural yogurt, banana and a bit if honey. Or nuts is great to fill you up and there are really good for you (almonds, Brazil, walnuts)

    All the cakes and biscuits etc have really bad trans fats in them which stops your body from working to its full potential -I have watched a few of those programmes that uncover all the harmful effects that processed foods are causing to scare myself off eating them.😂

    Just be careful of smoothies because too many fruits blended up can spike a big sugar rush - best fruits are the berries.

    I try and eat a lots of puy lentils, cou cou, quinoa or sweet potato with fish or chicken (lots of herbs and spices to taste good) and roasted veg, stemmed veg or salad and avocado, eggs or cheese.

    Hope this helps xx

  • I'm waiting for the day when I've had my baby and im at home on maternity leave and ill have a day where I'll scoff choc, cake, biscuits, mc Donalds, pizza and wine until I feel sick😂

  • Thank you nmill, that's defo given me some ideas, it's stupid really because I actually like veg and salad but just don't eat enough of it. I love dark chocolate and I'm the same a couple of squares will be enough of a fix. I think I just need to make lighter foods, a bit of chicken with salad a stir fry. I love to snack but snack on the wrong things and find I don't really like having an apple or banana so I might try the nuts and see how I get on with those ☺️

    I fully intend to do the same when I'm on maternity and just eat all the wrong foods 😂

    I also read today that water with a bit of lemon in is really good for the digestive system so I might give that a go and see if I can get rid of this bloated feeling x

  • Yes lemon is good for the digestive system best to have in the mornings. I know how annoying the bloating is i swear I could pass as 4 months sometimes which is really unfair. It will all be worth it in the end I find that forward planning meals and snacks is the best way so you always have something prepared otherwise it's too easy to pick up a bag of crisps or something like that when your hungry xxx

  • I adore water with a bit of lemon, every morning I drink a glass of it. As far as I know it is good not only for a digestive system but also for heart health, as well as brain and nerve function. Also it helps to cut out caffeine, a cup of hot lemon water has a big impact on one organism. You might feel full of energy and positive thoughts haha

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