As a woman who feels broken most of the time... It was a complete surprise and a wonderful moment when my consultant said my lining was 'perfect' a week and a half in to down regulating.

Clearly it's a teeny tiny moment in my journey and I'm sure getting a thin lining is the easiest of the jobs! But I'm smiling. Small steps, big smiles... I'm not totally broken. Ha x

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  • Hurrah! That's brilliant news! Here's to your perfectly thin lining!! πŸ˜€

  • Ha! I'm such a saddo. But in two years no one has ever used the word perfect! πŸ˜‚ X

  • Yay! I'm proud of your body and your lining. πŸ’œ

  • Awww thanks x

  • Well done! Every achievement is worth celebrating! x

  • This is true! Large glass of red wine tonight! No, wait... sugar free vimto it is! x

  • Oh yes! It's the little things! Onwards... xx

  • Certainly is! Next time we want 9-13mm - let's see if I can hit perfect then! How's you today? x

  • Don't doubt it...keep the faith.

    Much better today thanks. Another day closer to baseline too, only 1 more to go... πŸ€—

  • Here's wishing you a perfect! X

  • Well done to you and your lining!! Small victories!! πŸ…πŸ†

  • Very true!

  • Yippee that's great news, makes it all feel worth while xxx

  • Certainly does! Bloody injections! x

  • Well done you, I think it's always a surprise and a bit of a shock when they give us good news because we always fear the worse with these scans so glad all is well xxx

  • That is so true! It was a shock! Apparently there was nothing much going on my ovaries. Though given my problems that's no surprise! x

  • Well the main thing here is your lining is in good shape as I believe your using a doner egg and hopefully your all set to receive that little miracle embryo very soon xxx

  • About three weeks to go! :) x

  • We need to take all the wins on this journey! Xx

  • Absolutely! I'm taking it today! x

  • It may be a small moment but all the small moments will hopefully add up to something wonderful! I gave my uterus a little high five when I had a scan to check the lining had thickened and it was 11.8mm, so we take our victories where we can on this journey. Stay positive xxxx

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