Thanks from me and my mental health nurses!

Thanks from me and my mental health nurses!

Dear all.. Just thought that there may be others out there who would like a cheery cat photo, and to say big thanks to everyone who has been responding to my posts to help cheer me up.

From the front, Tikka, Nutmeg and Biscuit. Nutmeg is a particularly caring cat and we are currently calling her 'Mental Health Nurse Nutty'... doing a lot of overtime at the moment! Although Biscuit likes her cuddles too but more when SHE wants them! Nutmeg and Biscuit are Tonks (mixture of Siamese and Burmese)

Big love to you all from my mental health nurses! xx

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  • Beautiful xxx My little dog is defo my mental health worker/cuddler his funny little ways have us in stitches laughing usually at a time when most need xxx

  • :) I am so tempted by having a doggie some day. What sort is he? xx

  • He's a cockpoo so well behaved, great tempement he just looks like a curly teddy bear x

  • do post pics when you have a chance, I think this sort of thing helps cheer us up! xxx

  • They are divine! Wish I could cuddle them all xx

    Some kitty care is just the thing for you, can't beat it. Cats purr at 26 herz which has been proven to promote well-being and healing 😉

    PS We had a ginger tom called Biscuit after we got married, he was such a nutter!

  • You know, having enjoyed my acupuncture, reflexology and mindfulness have been thinking of training in some of these and offering it from home.. and I thought just sitting people in the garden with the cats to cuddle must be therapeutic too! Good to know there is some science behind it! xx

  • Arr I'm loving the cat pics they can be a massive comfort when your feeling unwell or crap about the whole fertility journey. Bless little mental health nurse nutty wish she could come and visit me some time xx

  • Cat blessings to you too Nmill.... Hubby thinks we should try make her a little nurse's cap with a red cross on! Will post pic if we manage it and she keeps it on for more than 5 secs! xx

  • Oh yes please do I'd love to see that xx

  • Lovely post.they are cute.😊

  • They are so cute! I'm in the cat club too. We've got 3 and they are all adorable. My OH has just had an op and one of the cats wouldn't leave his side. Too cute. I'm also with you on the acupuncture. Big hugs and meows xxx

  • Ah, glad you have nurses on duty too! Also glad it's not just us who have 3... always start to feel like 'mad cat lady'..... We really wanted Tonks (most dog like cat you can find I reckon!) but felt guilty not having a rescue.. so decided to get Teeks at the same time.. she is quite a character! Got 'rescue baggage' shall we say! And the juveniles plague her to death.. but there is finally a bit of a truce going on, and she shows us lots of love too.. but has NEVER sat on our laps!

    hugs and meows back to you xx

  • Hey huni

    How are you doing?

    The intention wasn't to have three. I had two rescue cats when I met my partner. He had one too. So we brought them altogether. They do quite well.

    I'm constantly laughing at them. Leo has the loudest purr I've ever heard sounding more like a motor bike than a cat.

    Bella (also rescue) is far more temperamental she won't sit on my knee but comes for her morning and bedtime cuddles every day without fail. She also knows if something is wrong.

    Cats are definitely the most amazing things xxx

  • Ah, aren't they wonderful. All of our three have their different personalities and different ways of getting close/showing love.

    And wouldn't you know it, after saying Tikka has never sat on our laps, she jumped up on sofa beside me last night and...climbed on my lap, stayed there and responded to stroking with purring! I think she'd missed me because I'd been out all day. A red letter day since her rescue 2 years ago! Go Teeks! xx

  • Aww bless good on Teeks. Thats quite an achievement and no doubt helped to make you smile for a minute or two. Give her a stroke from me. Sending you hugs xxx

  • There georgous, animals definatly help keep our house sane although we have a house full 2 simease cats marmite and purdy and 2 cocker spaniels lunatic and chaos ..... all characters and all being a smile to my face no matter what xx

  • Love the names! Wow, hope your siamese not too ear piercing with their meows, our one Tonk (Biscuit, not Mental Health Nurse Nutty) really lets us have it, and we often think 'Good grief, she is only HALF siamese! What must living with a real Siamese be like!!' xx

  • Ooooo they like to tell me it's breakfast time at 4am and I certainly know about it thankfully though other than that there pretty good

  • 4am!!!!

  • Lol yeah we work shifts but they seem to of got stuck into early shift routine lol lol

  • Ah lovely picture.. They all so cute. I don't know where I would of been over the last few years without my Jack

  • My cat is like Biscuit. She only wants hugs when she wants them. But she's wanted them more of late and that's been nice.

    How are you doing today? x

  • Bit tearful. Staying away from the wee sticks. Hubby away on cycling trip (which annoys me!) Not back till Sun. But have some nice things planned for today. Read depressing stuff about adoption yest, for people my age.. Going to try not think about it till know where we really are xx

  • Beautiful kitties! They're proven to improve your mental and physical health. Miss mine back in the US but just thinking about her helps. 🐱 🐱 🐱

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