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Hi everyone, so we had our trip to the doctors and we are being reffered for IVF and diagnosised unexplained infertility. I have a 2 pounds to put on before they will refer us however wondered what extra things people put in there diet in to try and boost there fertility or conception chances. I know that it can have a big part to play.

I'd say we are relatively healthy eaters anyway but would like to know any hints or tips yous may have on the matter. Neither of us drink or smoke.

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • Hi,

    I can recommend the Zita West IVF diet book.

    I am waiting to start our second round and have been have a few meals from that a week, they have all been really tasty and both hubby and I have commented on how healthy they seem to be. Not sure how much difference it will make, but I think it helps to feel that you are making positive changes.

    I have also started drinking a glass of whole milk each morning and taking coq10. Again not sure what difference they will make!!

    My antra follicle count was 12 (low for my age) before my first round and in my scan last week was 17. This might just be natural fluctuation, but who knows! It has never been that high before!

    Good luck on your journey xx

  • Thanks... I have just bought that book as well so will be interesting to read it through.

    All the best for this round x

  • Thank you!

    It is an interesting read as well as good recipes.

    I was showing it to my mum the other day and she pinched a couple of recipes from it! I am also sneaking one of the curries into a family meal tomorrow...😁 X

  • I noticed you said this is your second cycles how did you find your first one in all honesty? x

  • It was better than I expected. I was terrified of the injections, but they were fine. I was on long protocol and the buserelin stung a little on some days, but nothing too bad. Egg collection is nothing to worry about, the sedation works wonders! I was a bit uncomfortable after, but a hot water bottle sorted it 😊. Egg transfer is no different to a smear test. The 2WW is an interesting time, just be prepared for emotions, it was by far the hardest bit!

    Once you are in the cycle it goes quite quickly, but try to relax and do nice things 😊.

    Also, what Gueritarubia said about avocados and Brazil nuts is correct, I eat both very frequently. Xx

  • Thank you for sharing :-) avocados and Brazil nuts it is then lol

  • Avocados and Brazil nuts are good according to many sources. Avocados for their healthy fat and Brazil nuts for the selenium, you only need to eat a few a day. Good luck for your IVF! When are you starting?

  • Thank you... never tried avocado before so hope it's nice!

    I need to gain 2pounds before they will refer me so soon as that happens I should be seen within 18weeks I believe.

  • I personally love avocado, have eaten them for years so this is just a good excuse to have more! They go great in salads, as dip (guacamole), as side to meat, on a burger, in smoothies, ... I'm sure you can find plenty of recipes to get them in. Maybe they'll even help you gain weight as they're not exactly low calorie?!

  • Here's a link I found the other day

  • Hey happydaysahead....I've also inboxed you some details of what helped the wife during treatment

  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables no starchy foods no tinned foods no cakes biscuits get the book it starts with the egg tells you everything to do to get strong eggs xxx

  • I second Nyko link think that has all the info. I listened to a talk by a women who worked for zita west as a nutritionist and she said stick to strongly coloured veg (esp leafy greens, tomatoes, red peppers, spinach, watercress, carrots, red onion) and fruit (blueberries and berries are best), nuts (almonds, Brazil and walnuts) seeds, wholegrains, herbs & spices, pulses and olive oil which should make up the bulk of your diet and then white fish(cod, haddock, plaice, prawns) eggs (esp yellow yolk) 3/4times a week and chicken and full fat dairy 2/3 times a week.

    Best to go organic on the aminal products if you can.

    If you need to put on weight go for full fat milk, butter, avocado, nuts, eggs, chicken and try and have three full meals a day. I was told I was boarder line normal weight at the lower end of the scale but making sure I eat three solid meals a day has helped me put on a bit more weight.

    Wishing you all the best for your next round of treatment xxx

  • Appreciate your advice thank you

  • Hi, I went a bit crazy during IVF with diet etc but i also felt like it gave me a sense of control and that I was helping in some way. My eggs were not a great grade but in now have an 11month old wee boy and believe that following this is a main reason he is here!

    Good luck with your journey xx

    Avocado every day.

    5 Brazil nuts daily.

    Cut back on sugar and eating crap.

    Acupuncture weekly and on day of transfer.

    No alcohol for 3 months before and during ivf cycle

    Lots of organic eggs 6-8 per week.

    Exercise before daily ivf injections started & walks most day after nothing more strenuous than that!

    Lots of fruit and veg organic if possible.

    No fizzy drinks or caffeine.

    Not drink anything cold.. All room temp or warm.

    No herbal tea after egg transfer.

    Kept feet warm at all times after egg transfer.

    Eat organic food when possible.

  • Congratulations on your 11 month old. Could I ask why no herbal tea after transfer? X

  • I haven't heard about herbal teas after ET before. Is peppermint safe? I've been drinking 3-4 cups a day since giving up caffeine. Will start googling for another alternative now! 😏

  • I here robois is good... not sure if that's how you spell it? Vanilla is my favourite.. full of antioxidants

  • I am sure I read that some of them were unsafe so I just stopped them altogether. I am sure a cup of vanilla or camomile is fine but I am sure there were some to avoid. I reasearched loads before starting ivf and pretty much just followed everything and what felt right for my body! Also no ibuprofen after ET as it can cause miscarriage. Good luck ladies! Xx

  • Thanks Hhmcct, I'll do some research on it! X

  • Have been searching myself since your post and camomile can cause hay fever allergies apparently. Some are ok in moderation but some are best avoided altogether. Thanks for the heads up!

  • 5.I've found recently one article, it is said

    'Eat a lot of organic vegetables and fruits,

    Eat organic, grass-fed, whole fat, raw dairy,

    Try to eat mostly cold water fish,

    Choose meat that is Grass Fed and Organic,

    Choose only free range/Organic chicken,

    Eat only grains in their whole, natural form ,

    Eat high fiber foods with each meal ,

    No soy of any form unless fermented such as miso and tempeh,

    Avoid refined sugars or fruit juices (unless freshly juiced),

    Drink lots of clean water '

    But for me Avocados and Brazil nuts are the best.

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