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HELP! My clinic is closed for Easter weekend and I am supposed to have my day 0 scan on tues. I was told I must have had/started my period by then. What do I do if I haven't started? My cycles have recently been all over the place ranging from 28-33 days. I am on day 31 today and getting nervous it will be close to the wire for tues. I've never wanted my period so much!

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  • Do not panic Hun, they will scan you either way, if they need to extend it then they will, mine didn't arrive and was ten days late. Xxx

  • Just go along anyway to ask them, or if there is time, give them a ring in the morning and see what they say. I am sure they will reassure you. They deal with our irregular cycles and individual bodies all the time, so they will be able to tweak plans as necessary I am sure!

  • Thanks for the reassurance. It's still not arrived.... 😞

  • How annoying!

  • Still not arrived 😑☹️

  • I swear to god periods are the work of the devil. Here when you don't want them; not here when you want them.

    My hospital had an out of hours phone. Could you call them tomorrow to put your mind at rest? Don't forget that while it's Easter weekend... some women will be receiving treatment. IVF doesn't stop for bunnies and chocolate! I'm sure going on Tuesday won't be a problem. x

  • These clinics deal with irregularities all the time - I'm a prime example now! Was due to start down regging yesterday by AF decided to show up 10 days early!!! Down regging has now been cut out & started stimming last night!! Mother nature's is unpredictable at the best of times so don't stress yourself - at will arrive!!

  • Wow. That's super fast. Good luck to you all and if you could send some of your af dust my way that would be great!

  • It is sooo frustrating!! Your clinic will do a blood test in addition to the scan, to see what's happening x

  • Still waiting ....

  • Well as predicted my period never arrived my scan was cancelled and I am now delayed starting my treatment again! I'm feeling so low tonight I was so hopeful and positive about this cycle but now I just feel frustrated 😞😞

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