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Random Pains and Aches

Hi Everyone,

Sun has it's hat on here in Sunny Glasgow :D

Is there anyone out there that has had IUI treatment? I wanted to ask if you felt strange pains and aches after your IUI?

I have been getting sharp pains and sensations especially at night time. I'm not too sure if this is normal and I don't want to look into it too much? My IUI treatment was last Friday. I've noticed other ladies have had the same experiences with IVF but was wondering if this is normal with IUI.

thanks in advance ladies. xx

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Hi nanderson. Sorry to hear that you are suffering a bit. A bit like IVF when they do embryo transfer, and likewise with IUI when they inseminate you, there is a bit of tugging and pushing about. Often this results in discomfort and sometimes pain. All down to settling back down. probably more noticeable at night time, because you have stopped for the day and your body is taking time to recover. I wouldn't worry too much, just have a rest when you can. Good luck with it all. Diane

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Thanks Diane. That makes sense.


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