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Consultant led care

Hi everyone, just a quick one. I had my first midwife appoinment the other day and due to being an IVF patient we are considered medium-high risk and therefore are consultant led.

We will still see a midwife but our care will be handled by the hospital as primary. Also found out that we get 3 extra growth scans at 28,32 and 36 as there is proof that IVF babies don't grow as well?

Has anyone else been told this?

Either during IVF or after their BFP?

I am not worried as any additional care is a bonus but I was always told that once we had our 7 week scan and all was fine we would be discharged to the midwife just like a "normal" preganancy? I had wanted to give birth in birthing centre, which is very relaxed and midwife led but have been told that is out of the question also. Just a lot to take it!

Any advice welcome :) x

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I was told this. To be honest if I didn't have the option then I would have pushed for consultant led care anyway had I gotten that far. Hopefully it should give you a lot more reassurance xx


Hi there,

Do not panic! This is completely normal for an IVF pregnancy - I believe that all IVF pregnancies are consultant-led. My midwife and consultant told me that, once pregnant, an IVF pregnancy is exactly the same as any other pregnancy, but the reason for the extra checks, etc. is that IVF pregnancies do statistically have a bigger chance of complications, however this is due to the fact that IVF mothers are usually older, may have had complications in the past, etc. etc. rather than any actual differences with an IVF pregnancy. Also, I think it is natural that we worry more as IVF mothers and so the extra scans etc. are a great way to alleviate that stress. Personally, I am seeing all the extra care as a bonus!

As for giving birth in a midwife-led centre, I too was under the impression that I had to have my baby at the hospital, but then I had a conversion with a midwife the other day where she assured me that it is completely up to me where I have my baby - all they can do is advise me. I went to my local midwife-led birthing centre to have an Anti-D shot as I am rhesus negative and while there commented to the midwife who gave me my shot how lovely it was but that I wouldn't be able to give birth there due to being consultant-led. She assured me that wasn't the case and that if my pregnancy continued to go smoothly, there was no reason why I couldn't give birth there if I wanted to. She advised me to discuss it with my midwife and my consultant, which I plan to do, so don't worry, you still have plenty of time to make all those decisions!

I hope that has put your mind at rest a little bit. I am 22 weeks today and I assume a little bit ahead of you, so I've had more time to digest all this information - it's a lot to take in! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to help! Wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy. Xx


I wasn't consultant led at the start but that was due to the area I lived in. I was in the end but that was to do with high blood pressure. IVF babies are classed as special babies so they like to keep an eye on you. It's nice you get to have more scan as you get to see your baby more often 😊

In regards to IVF babies not growing as well, my little boy was born 11 pounds 3 & 1/2 oz's ( he was my frozen embryo ) so that's definitely not true! X


lol what a whopper!! how fantastic :) x


I was told the same at our first ivf appointment with our consultant (i.e. before I was even pregnant). he told me to put aside any thoughts of water births as he would be placing me in a hospital! I was disappointed but overall if that's what they advise due to statistics showing elevated risk then we're obviously going to go with the best level of care we can get! Xx


I personally so a consultant once after getting pregnant via ivf, she said there was no issues and I didn't have to see her again . I had no extra scans or appointments, it was just treated as a normal pregnancy . I gave birth centre in a pool I was lovely and relaxing , I did have any special treatment at all


Thanks ladies, like I said I wasn't worried about being consultant led as any additional care is defo welcomed. I was just a little taken back as my nurse at the clinic specifically said I would be under midwife care as normal so just wanted to know if it was standard and it appears it is! x

I am only 8 weeks today so still very early days but I like to be organised lol :)


So kind of on this thread. I hadn't heard any of this and am nearly 7 weeks and was discharged from the ivf clinic after the heartbeat scan yesterday. Was given a letter for the gp and told to contact them. Oh and only given 20 days of pessaries.

Phoned the surgery who said do a gp appointment and then will be referred to a midwife appointment however she said the midwife was in the following day and she could get her to phone me. So she called and the net appointment free is 5th may where I will be nearly ten weeks. It is what it is and I'm glad I didn't wait two weeks for a gp to them wait longer for a midwife.

Is seeing the midwife at 10 weeks OK? I thought next scan will be 12 weeks so should be OK but thought I'd ask.

Presume all this consultant led comes after seeing the midwife and having some monitoring/tests?


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