What an Experience

Evening all......

Whilst the wife is resting I wanted to share something...

Well where do I start. Firstly hope everyone is doing well, I'd just like to share our experience ( not that we hope to repeat again hopefully) since this group has always shown great support.

So as most of you will know.... the wife is 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant after a FET done in January, all has been going really well.

So this afternoon, got the usual lunchtime hello, how's your day going love" call from the wife, only this time it was the most frightening call I've ever received from her.... with a tremor in her voice, she had told me that she had a heavy bleed and was distraught, at this point, I was thinking the worst, but remained calm, and she told me her PA had called the ambulance as she was in no fit condition to go A&E herself as the wife was in alot of pain.

Ambulance arrived, took blood pressure which was normal...

So we ended up in A&E and after several hours of waiting around, with allsorts going around in her head, and mine too. We eventually got to see the early pregnancy unit consultant. Who told us they would be doing a scan...

My heart at this point was pounding a thousand beats, whilst trying to remain calm and being there my beautiful wife......

And finally we got told whilst the consultant performed the scan "there's your little one waving and kicking and everything is fine "... those very words and the moment I saw him or her on the monitor, we both wer so happy.

It just so happened the bleeding, although rare can sometimes happen due to old blood vessels

( I could get more technical but won't)

Wowsa, what an experience we have had today. Although we are going through NHS and Dispite the bad press they tend to get. Today just proved to me, how privileged we should all feel that we have that service.

Thank you all for your continued support and taking time to read this post. I hope everyone else is doing just fine

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  • Whatttt a Day for you guys...Best of all the little one is fine and doing great. Very happy for u guys.

  • Much appreciated bibi

  • Oh my god how terrifying for you both, so pleased to hear all is ok, and you got to see the little bean again!! X

  • Thanks Alee, thank god all is ok

  • I hope all goes well for you and that you never have to face another bad day. Xx

  • Thank you so much Rubinaa, your support is much appreciated

  • Oh sanj what a day, I was reading this with my breath held (I just realised!) so so relieved everything is ok but how frightening for you both..you're so right about the NHS, it's amazing! Hoping there's no more days like this 😳 x

  • Thanks Georgina, it was a emotional rollercoaster for sure....hope your ok

  • I bet 😳 Hope she's ok & resting nicely, she must be exhausted after that.. I'm ok thanks 🙂

  • Yeah I've made sure she resting up. Thanks again

  • Glad everything is fine xx

  • Thanks Janer

  • blimey!!! my heart was going for a min whilst reading that!!

    im so glad that little mircle is still happy and snug still growing away.

    make sure the wife stays relaxed and stress free and puts her feet up. x

  • Oh no I'm so sorry you've both had such a terrible day. Such a worry and my heart was racing reading your post so I can't even begin to imagine how you both felt.

    So pleased your little one is well and I hope you and your wife can have a very quiet and calm weekend to recover from today. Take care of each other xx

  • Glad everything is ok. A relaxing weekend needed for you both x

  • How scary to say the least. Really hope you don't have to go through that again. So glad your little one is fine and best wishes that the remainder is happy and healthy and stress free xx

  • Thanks Louisear

  • Wowcher what a day. Glad all is well. Getting pregnant is the first hurdle. Being pregnant is the second I guess!!

  • Totally....thanks ch319

  • What a terrifying experience that must have been for you both. So pleased to read a positive outcome. Can't imagine the relief you must have felt. X

  • It was scary to say the least but thank good everything was fine and baby was chilling....Thanks MrsB

  • Wow, I was holding my breath while reading this, just like Georgina, thinking please be ok! What a rollercoaster day for you both. So pleased everything was ok, both of you have a relaxing weekend xx

  • Awww thanks SeniorPhipps

  • Ur post scared in the beginning but gave relief at the end....glad to know that everything s fine....

  • What an awful scary day for you both, glad to hear all was ok and you saw baby xx

  • Totally was by far the most scariest experience I've had....thanks as always Button

  • What a Day for you guys...Best of all the little one is fine and doing great. Very happy for u guys.

  • Much appreciated Cocker_Crazy

  • It's so awesome that everything's okay! Immense news! Much love! : )

  • Thank you Bandit

  • Wow glad all on track and hope the wife gets plenty rest as you, a weekend to treat yourself dads to be! Chin chin to you for being so brilliant 🤗💪🏽☀️☀️☀️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Thank you Fatooli.... I do my best

  • Wowzers Sanj what a scary day for you both!! I'm so glad everything turned out ok & you got the chance to see your little one!!x

  • It certainly was Cinderella... much appreciated for your support as always

  • What a day! So glad everything was ok! Let's hope that's the last of dramas for you x

  • Totally.....Thank you so much LHow

  • Yikes what a day. So glad ur baby is OK. .rest up as you both must be exhausted x

  • That you Vic.... much appreciated

  • I'm so glad everything turned out fine and it's good of you to share. Bleeding is most certainly one of the most terrifying things to experience during pregnancy and I'm happy to hear NHS looked after your wife so efficiently. I personally have been care of by NHS with warmth and professionalism, and feel grateful to have had such experiences. I'm thinking of you all and hope all continues stress-free and without such frightening incidents from now on! Lots of positive thoughts your way xoxo

  • Thank you dearly Nesfin, it means alot the have the support... hope your keeping well

  • So pleased everything is ok for you..... I read your post nearly in tears. Xx

  • Thanks Cls.... sorry I didn't want to bring anyone to tears but it was such an experience.....

  • Pleased everything is ok for you both x

  • Gosh, what a roller coaster of emotions for you both!

    I'm so glad that the outcome was so positive after that horrendous worry and yes, though we sometimes complain we are really very lucky to have the NHS.

    Hopefully the rest of your journey will go smoothly. X

  • Thank you Pookymama... lets hope so

  • Lovely news .hope the rest of the pregnancy will be amazing .

  • Sending you a big hug, your an amazing husband and will make a equally amazing daddy xxxx

  • So glad everything is okay for you, I know how frightening it can be to have a heavy bleed. How lovely that your little one was waving to you, saying 'hey dad I'm still here!' Xx

  • Glad to hear everything is ok, I too had bleeding and it was truly one of the scariest things after getting so far. Currently 20weeks and going strong. Hope you guys have a uneventful rest of pregnancy xx

  • Awww thanks Amy, means a lot that the support is here as always. Thank god all is ok with you too.

  • So glad to hear all us well! What a scary time for you both! Take care x

  • Wow what a day! So glad that baby's ok xx

  • Thanks Sarah, it certainly was a day either one of us don't rush to visit again.... let's hope our pregnancy continues to go well.

  • Thanks Sarah, it certainly was a day either one of us don't rush to visit again.... let's hope our pregnancy continues to go well.

  • Oh u poor things! What a scary time!! Glad it all turned out ok in the end but boy what a nitemare! Hope u r both getting lots of rest this weekend x

  • Thanks 72Cloud9, we feel blessed that everything was ok

  • Wow what a day, glad all is ok,


  • What a traumatic experience for you both. Im glad everything worked out for you both and wish you a smooth journey for the rest of the pregnancy. Fingers and toes crossed xxx

  • Thanks Beanme, all was well on the end but it was a scary experience to say the least. Thank you for yiurvwell wishes tho

  • Wow I can't imagine how scary that must have been but so glad you had a positive outcome

  • Thank you so very much for your support... I've just seen your post, hope and pray that everything continues to go well for you

  • I'm so pleased for you guys really glad everything is OK xx

  • So pleased all is ok and you are all alright, what a day but with a happy ending x hope she has time to rest and relax x

  • Ohhh what a scare. I was holding my breath reading your story 😲Glad all is well. My love to you wife and bump. Glad NHS has come through. Im not a massive fan of the public health sector as you know...but glad they have proved me wrong in your instance xxx

  • Thanks Buffy.... all has been well since then. Hope your keeping well

  • Yeah good. Met the NHS midwife on Tuesday she was so so...dont think we'll be best buddies lol. Waiting for my 12 wks scan now. 11 wks tomorrow. Partner has been working non stop he works away from home,so when he finally came home I decided to throw a massive tantrum and rip one of our scan picturs😲!I know not my finest hour but we all go a little nuts at time 😦xx

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