Yet another delay!!

Went for trial transfer today and the consultant still couldn't get it into cervix as he says it is really small so he wants me Togo back to have it stretched!! I am so stressed at the moment crying constantly I just can't believe I have to have another procedure I have already had two polyps removed and essure just feels like I'm never going to get there right now!!! Sorry for the moan girls hope your all doing well on your cycles xx

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  • It's good to have a good old moan every now and then. There just always seem to be one thing after another when you go through something like this but just keep going and you'll get there. X

  • I'm sorry to hear there's another hurdle for you its just so stressful every step of the way but the main thing is that this has been identified and is being managed correctly before you get to the real transfer stage. The whole process is very upsetting and stressful and with that comes lots of tears and it's better to let them out and the stress with it, keep in mind the end goal and hopefully you will be able to start treatment very soon xxx

  • I know how you feel. I was told I needed surgery to have my tubes removed, then cycts removed and then... "my cervix was too closed". My consultant was really nasty about it. I needed to have it widened but it did feel like a huge kick in the teeth and yet another thing to hold us back.

    I was told it was better in the long run. It will help them when they transfer the embryo back with no problems. Moan away. I was actually really quite angry "thinking another bloody thing they want". Thinking of you. Best wishes, it will actually happen for you xx

  • What a pain!! This process is so tough with so many obstacles to get over and hoops to jump thru but u are doing it and the end goal is in sight so just keep your eye on the prize!! All this will be a distant memory when u get there.big hugs xxx

  • Hi Guys..

    To be honest, it felt pretty strange when i was called in the two nurses were giving each other awkward glances at each other and the consultant was being pretty short with them both, almost like an atmosphere in the room after confrontation! lol but when they spoke to me they were thankfully very professional and polite about it very sympathetic as they know how many times ive been referred back now! lol...I wish all of you lovely ladies no more obstacles and lots of baby dust thanks for the replies! Baby dust to us all!!! x

  • Thank goodness they do a trial though... you wouldn't want that to be with an embryo.

    I've said in a reply to your previous post, feel free to PM me as I've had a similar experience.

  • Oh dear ! I'm so sorry about what u r going through. Sometimes it just seems that d hurdles r never ending. I completely empathise with u . But just be strong . Remember u have come this far u will definitely keep going . Hope everything goes well .

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