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Well I am technically pregnant but my hcg level is only 8.5 so not looking good, I am just waiting on the clinic to phone me back to advise if to stop medication or have a repeat blood test tomorrow x

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ooo Button you're still in with a shout?! if it doubles tomorrow ..... xxx

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It's a nightmare!!! Xx

Hi that's great news but yes you're prob best to be cautious. What should your hcg levels be at this stage? Thinking of you xx

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At the stage I am at anywhere between 5-50 so mine are on the very low side x

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Don't loose hope yet.xx

Nothing is ever simple...

I think they will do another test tomorrow x

Hoping for the best for you x

So hope all is ok for you x take care x

Crikey love, you are going through the wringer on this aren't you, thinking of you lots. I've never even got to this stage so not sure on the numbers side of things, but am sending you my very best and hope some more concrete news comes soon as you must be all over the place. Really feel for you. Keep going and I'm sending you a big virtual hug, know it doesn't help, but the sentiment is there x x

Argh! Why is this journey so frustrating??? Good luck for the next steps. Xxx

Bloody hell! Thinking of you! What an ordeal! x

Oh button. I really feel for you. Really hope you get good news with an increasing result tomorrow. X

Hey gurl. But u never know it might shoot by tomorrow

Hey keep ur chin up gurl. Sending u lots of positivity. Things can change and ur number might rise by tomorrow. 🙏

Oh Button, just when you think things can't get any crazier! I have everything crossed for you and am sorry you are under such stress. Sending lots of hugs and much positivity xx

Oh how stressful! Really feel for you and hoping its just a late starter!xx

Thinking of you xx

I'm praying for you

fingers crossed for bfp

What a bloomin nightmare still not knowing button, I really hope it has increased and you're definitely pregnant at your next test 🙏🏻 Xx

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