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DE transfer 5 day blastocyst BFN:( Anyone know how I can get tested for NK cells or have any suggestions on what I can do differently?

I had a DE transfer 2 weeks ago and this morning did my test which was again a BFN.

Previously I have had 3 ivf attempts using ICSI and my own eggs. The 3rd attempt it did work briefly only to fail almost a week after when my period came along.

I guess I am asking if anyone has any suggestions to what I could do differently next time? My oh and I thought DE would be the answer to our prayers. We had 2 embryos - day 5 blastocysts. I wanted both put back but the clinic would only put back one. When you hear things like "can't you be happy with just one healthy happy baby?" and then you still end up with nothing it's devistating.

They didn't give me the 'scratch' this time. I am wondering if I have NK cells?

Any thoughts or suggestions on how I could get tested for NK cells or things to do differently would be much appreciated. xx

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Hi Music1

Go online and search for Dr Siobhan Quenby. She is based in Coventry and offers this biopsy. I am considering this before my next cycle. I have Endometriosis and i have researched that raised NK cells can be common in woman with Endo. I have had 2 cycles but both ended in miscarriage x


Thank you. I will do that. I tend to think that if you can't learn anything from a failed cycle how can you go fwd and end up with something positive. I think Endo and possible NK cells may be playing a part for me. Many thanks for your suggestion/ connection. x


Hi Music 1

I have been emailing dr Quenbys clinic yesterday and today and i am heading down to coventry with my next cycle.

I am heading down the DE route now after 4 failed ICSI trys but looking to have all tests done before hand.

If you want to PM me your email address I can send you in the details.

You need to have 2 natural cycles after IVF before they test you so I need to wait until next month.

Take care and try to switch off from it a bit. Easier said than done I know.



That's very kind and thoughtful of you. Thank you. I think I have pm you xx


Hi Music1 I have been to the same clinic the ladies have already suggested. They are lovely and explain it all so clearly. My result was normal but I'm glad I ruled it out xx


Hi I appreciate you letting me know. I think I'd just like answers - even if it's to rule something out etc. Glad your test was normal for you xx

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