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I need some positives!


Struggling to feel it today but that’s definitely the time I need to more than ever so here’s my positive for today.

I spent the morning with a lovely friend and she made me a lovely healthy soup for lunch!

Also I’m still being good with the no alcohol and resisted again tonight!

How’s everyone else doing? Xx

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Ahhh I'm not one for positives BUT I went into Tesco for tights for work & spied a lovely pair of black patent (fake obviously) boots!😍 Now here we go....boots & shoes are my love in life!! Happy lady tonight....husband doesn't know as he's working away! Woohoo I can hide them!!😃🙌🤗👏💃👢

Sounds like you've had a grand wee day with your pal so that is a huge positive not to mention the no alcohol!! Well done!!😗👏xx

Sweets1 in reply to Cinderella5

Who doesn’t love shoes or boots 😍xx

Cinderella5 in reply to Sweets1

Ah ha ha yeyyyyy!!😍😍xx

Oh Franco81 we always need our friend, and one that cooks is a bonus! I’ve been working none stop today, but do feel accomplished, but I also didn’t give in to the temptation of alcohol, and possibly on the way to booking a little weekend away with a group of friends, so that’s my positive, hope your all doing ok xxx

Today I looked after my sister in laws little labradoodle puppy then hubby and I had fish and chips for dinner. Very naughty but we enjoyed every single last one xx

Tooth is still playing me up (not majorly) dog is still poorly and the dress I ordered yesterday will have to be returned as it’s not as flattering as I thought it would be. Now for the positives; My Brother bought me some flowers for looking after the dog every afternoon. Hubby had his hair cut and he looks even more sexy than usual. My extra pack of tile transfers came so I can finish off the tile revamp in the kitchen xx

hey hun always good to catch up with lovely friends 💜💜I started the day badly by leaving house without wallet and realised after hubby dropped me at station to go to work..if course it was then his fault for not answering his mobile 😂anyhoo came home and he had bought me a cupcake from his macmillan coffee morning..it made me smile that he had thought of me when I had yelled at him.then I got a new dress online from m&s holly Willoughby collection and now sold out so feeling a bit smug xxx

I went to my running club tonight... haven’t been for agessss... well a whole 5 weeks due to the IVF!

A lovely group they were and we all supported and spurred on someone who was struggling with her confidence and wanted to give up. She was so grateful that we didn’t let her give up 😁💕 xx

This sounds negative but bear with me 😄.... I got signed off work by GP as I'm really feeling the stress and not sleeping, twitch of my left eye etc. I had to inform my boss which I was dreading because it's a busy time in work, few projects and I also had an accident in the company car a few weeks back and i am dealing with the body shop to sort it, company car is leased and goes back on Monday (if it's ever ready) but my boss was so understanding and really surprised me, I was absolutely dreading it, he hates kids and does not get IVF or how it takes it toll, I was planning how I was going to tell him! Pathetic I know, I'm a grown woman but I don't like letting people down. Felt such a relief when he supportive (by his standards) 😀. Xx

I have been smiling everytime I read these positive posts. It is so important to remind ourselves of the good things we have to be thankful for when rubbish stuff which is out of our control is happening!!

Yesterday I was 4 days late and we are due to start our 5th IVF cycle on my next cycle. Been trying not to stress about it (test on Monday confirmed I was not pregnant🙁) but hard not to stress when you have been told you are going to go through a very early menopause.

So yesterday I kept myself busy. I am starting a scrapbook of our honeymoon to New York, which was almost 4 years ago. Going through the 1000+ photos and seeing us so happy together and enjoying life really lifted my mood. I am so lucky to have such a supportive and loving husband 🙂

Then in the evening we went to visit our best friends who had a baby girl on Saturday. She is so beautiful and after a 45 min cuddle I finally passed her back to her parents. It made me more determined than ever to continue this journey and hope one day that will be us having friends over and introducing our little miracle!

Finally during the night AF arrived so we can actually get cracking now!

Keep the positive vibes and thoughts going ladies. I am most likely going to need them over the coming weeks 💛

This is lovely, you really sound as if you are seeing the positives in potentially difficult situations.

I’m so glad you are now able to get going on this round too, fingers crossed it’s time for your miracle xxx

Thank you. Just love your positive posts! Hope it rubs off on all of us. Best of luck with your journey xxx

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