Ivf round 3

Hello ladies

So here we go again round 3! Taken 9 months to get here as had a load of immunology treatment but did my first nasal spray this morning. Totally different protocol this time so have everything crossed for me!

I get lots of eggs but not many fertilise so they think it's egg quality ! Been on coq for about a 10 months and prob eat an avocado a day now ! Any other tips ?

Baby dust to u all xxxx

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  • Didn't know about avocado, what's it meant to do? Ah I don't care actually, I love avocado so any excuse to eat one (or many)!

    I did first injection yesterday, good luck cycle buddy!

  • I know I got really excited when I read avocado is good for fertility, finally something I actually like doing! I did my first injection yesterday too!

  • Good luck with your cycle,

    Hope it's 3rd time lucky for you,

    πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Thank u girlies x I think is good fats basically xx worth a go ! First 2 cycles on NHS they didn't get right at all ! I triggered after only 7 days of injections ! My new clinic said that is way too early x let's how they know what they r doing xx

  • Best of luck to you πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank u x how u getting on ? Xxx

  • Test day mon but know it's not worked but onwards and upwards all the way xx

  • Oh no why do you think that ? I haven't been on here for a year but seen u have lots of eggs ? Did they freeze any ?

  • I have been testing and all negative think it's just one of those things. We have 5 frozen blasts so hopefully still have a chance. Nice to see you back xxx

  • U never know x it could change think positive ! X

  • We looking at our 3rd private cycle in may too so 3rd time lucky for us both I hope. What have they changed for you this time?xx

  • I've gone to a totally different clinic (ARGC)x I've had all the immune treatment mine was sooo high so they bought it down with humeria and ivg drip. Last time I was short protocol but this time I am on long so started the nasal spray today ! They want to get me to 12 or 14 days stimming so I go in every day for blood test so they fine tune the drugs x what about u ?

  • I have heard really good things about this clinic xx

  • The consultant recommended ivf over icsi and endo scratch. Remaining on long protocol but with fostimon in addition to menopur...yikes who knows. I didn't ask about all the immune test stuff as I read on hfea website there was no evidence about that and I am anxious enough without more worry about what might be wrong😯xx

  • They are very thorough so hope does the trick xxx

  • I just went and had a look at their website... their success stats are twice as high for my age group as the national average! I'll follow your progress with interest xx

  • They have very good success rate and he told me that there average to treat women was 40 so they get those statistics with older women (well not old but you know what I mean) I'm 36 so he said age was on my side .... first time I've heard that ! They are very good as in second week of injections I go in for blood test twice a day . I think because they fine tune so much that's why they r successful !

  • I then went and looked again at my clinic's stats (outside London), and their stats for my age (38) are much better than national too. Phew!

  • Good luck - third time lucky πŸ€

  • Just wanted to wish you luck for this cycle. Really hope it's third time lucky for you. X

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