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:-D round 2 looking like April!


Phoned the clinic yesterday to see when I would be likely to start my second cycle of IVF as I have some work commitments and a holiday booked and didn't want any of it to collide and they said they are hoping to start us with next months cycle YAY!!! That means it will be the cycle after my surgery and I will be back on hormones quick so hopefully my endometriosis is kept at bay and we get a good outcome. Super excited to start and also a little anxious it will go the same way as cycle one but at least I no I have done all that I can, if it doesn't work this time then I have clue what the next step will be but fingers crossed for a good outcome or at least a better outcome than last cycle xxx

Good luck to all the lovely ladies on cycles at the moment and for any future cycles coming up xxx

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Great news, good luck! 😀

Fab news I also start round 2 April 1st!! Xx


Great news. Still waiting for exact turning from my clinic but pretty sure we'll be starting on April 2 so I'll be watching your journey with interest. Good luck. X

Thanks everyone :-) we can all keep each other updated. Glad I'm not the only one starting again in April have everything crossed for us all xxx

Hey, ive got to call my clinic on day 1 in April to start my next round too which means I probably wont start meds until May but shouldnt be far behind you! Makes me a bit nervous too but Im ready to get back on a cycle!! Good luck when it comes, I'll be watching for your updates!xx

CE_88_14 in reply to Cinderella5

Ye I'm excited for cycle 2 as now they know I don't stimulate well they can try different things to get better results :-D and hopefully come my first action scan there is more than one follicle and we can actually progress to egg collection xxx

Good luck 🍀🍀🍀I'm hoping to start my 2nd cycle next month too xx

Sending you good vibes and lots of luck! 🍀

Best of luck Hun x

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