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Waiting to start FET!

It's been great to see so many bfp's lately, I've not been on much after our first ivf cycle failed, trying to get my head round it all, but just had a quick look through to see what's been happening, hope everyone in their 2ww is doing ok, I know how hard it can be!

We had a review with our consultant last week (thanks to Diane for the questions, they were helpful) wasn't much to say other than they would be able to control everything better next time, he also said we could do a fresh cycle or use our frozen embryo, we only ended up with one to freeze, which I'm not ungrateful for as I know a lot of people don't get any, but I have to admit I was disappointed as we only get one fresh cycle on the NHS, any future ones we have to fund but they would have funded FET for all collected on the first cycle ☹️ Anyway, we had already decided we would go with the frozen cycle and want to get started as soon as we can, the consultant said that was fine we can start as soon as my period arrives, it was due on the 15th March, I was having period pains that day but nothing has arrived, I know my system is probably still messed up from all the ivf drugs and I'm not sure if/when I ovulated this month (our 1st cycle was Jan) I had a period 3 days after stopping the pessaries in February.

So after that long ramble my question is has this happened to other ladies after ivf treatment, how long is normal to wait?? I know we all normally want our period to not appear but on this occasion I need it to start so I can get booked in for our frozen cycle. I have done a couple of tests just in case but they were negative ☹️

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Good luck with your fet 😊 🍀


Thank you, fingers crossed this time, if my period ever starts! congrats on your bfp 😊hope you get good news at your scan to put your mind at ease x

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Thank you 😊 x

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