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My IVF miracle has arrived 😍😍

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Morning all,

After 3 failed ICSI cycles with very poor quality eggs and being advised to go for DE instead we persevered for 1 last cycle with my eggs and the result is here. My gorgeous (Yes I'm biased) little girl arrived on the 6th January weighing 5lb 13oz. I was induced at 37+5 as there were concerns about her growth but she is absolutely perfect!!

The journey was tough - we had 3 nephews & 1 niece born during the whole process which tore me up every time but we now have our wee miracle.

Keep going ladies - this is what you're fighting for.

Good luck everyone xx

29 Replies
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Congratulations! So happy for you, well done!xx

She is beautiful congratulations! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’•

Congratulations. Beautiful little girl xx

Massive congratulations. Hope you enjoy motherhood xx

A big congratulations to you and yours Lorraine. She’s too cute! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Ahhhh what a beautiful lil baba... congratulations... enjoy xxx


Hi lorraine. Huge congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful Daughter, after suffering so much heartache. You will know love like never before, so hold her close and enjoy your new family life. xxxxx's for little one. Diane

She is lovely, congratulations x

Congratulations Lorraine, you will be one of those rare mums that really will cherish and be grateful for every single day you have with your little one. Mine just turned 1 last week and I still stare at him in amazement! So pleased for you x

Huge congratulations xx she's beautiful xxπŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’›

Congratulations! Sounds like you had such a journey to get here. She’s beautiful x

Congratulations my lovely. An amazing success story. A big welcome to your wee miracle and best of luck on this new adventure. I’m on my last attempt with my own eggs, currently have one follicle measuring 12mm at d8. Fingers crossed!

Congratulations! Hope you are enjoy every moment xx

Congratulations! πŸ₯° thank you for the inspiration! xxx

Awww huge congrats to you all, she is kist gorgeous! Thanks for sharing xx

Congratulations such lovely news xx

Beautiful..congrats! X

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story xx

She’s beautiful πŸ₯°πŸ’— congratulations xxx

Amazing. Congratulations to you all xx

Adorable..congratulations. thank you for posting

She is gorgeous, congratulations ❀️

Gosh I concur- she is gorgeous(!)

Congratulations - and well done for persisting. I know some ladies have to go through DE but I do find some clinics just push far too quickly - end of the day it has to be a decision you're comfortable with

Enjoy your little one xx

Massive congrats Lorraine! Your daughter is beautiful πŸ₯° one day younger than our son too. We both got our happy ending. Delighted for you all xx

Congratulations- she's gorgeous x


My last embie is a c grade - really hoping it works out.

Was your daughter the result of an FET?xx

in reply to AJJ123

No, we never had anything good enough to freeze so was fresh cycle every time x


Lovely news x

Congratulations on persevering, what a beautiful little baby girl! Such a lovely message, and also reassuring to hear I am not alone with feeling torn up when new nieces and nephews arrive into the world xxx

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