It starts with the egg by Rebecca Fett (recommendations, thoughts and ideas wanted)

Like a few other people, I've read the above book and decided to try and implement some of Rebecca Fett's ideas so I feel like I am giving myself the best chance when I get to my next IVF cycle. She has a website with product recommendations, but it's very USA centric and some of her product suggestions are not available over her, so I thought I would start this thread so that people can share what they're doing and the products they've found. Hopefully it will help us all spend less as we try to follow her recommendations.

My initial thoughts will be on the next post. Please all join in with your thoughts if you've read the book!

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  • Re: toiletries etc, the first stuff I bought from organic 'green' websites was expensive but not great. So I decided just to search in the normal supermarkets. The products I have now are not necessarily organic but they are paraben and phthalate free. And still work. πŸ˜€ I thought I would share a couple of details in case it helps save you all some time and money!

    I've found Simple face wash, Sanex Zero shower gel, and Natural World Brazilian shampoo/conditioner (it's actually good because it still has sodium Laureth sulphate in it, so it lathers, unlike the really super green ones which also leave out sls as it's bad for sensitive skin).

    I've been pleased with Method cleaning products, with the exception of toilet cleaner which I haven't tried... I'm using Waitrose own eco brand for that.

    I haven't managed to find a toner, and I bought moisturizer from green people online... it was expensive but I wanted one with a sunscreen and couldn't find a cheaper one. I also bought an exfoliater from conscious skincare online but again, it was expensive so I'd love recommendations for a cheaper one.

    I've bought a crystal deodorant today but haven't tried it yet. I've given up perfume, hairspray and nail varnish, and am still on the look out for a reasonably priced suitable hand cream!

    My standard lip balm, Lucas' Pawpaw ointment, seems to be ok already so I've cut down on my other lip balms and glosses. I don't wear other make up very often so I decided not to worry about those things, I'll just use my normal ones for the few times I wear make up.

    What have other people tried?

  • I use tropic skincare it's all natural ingredients, paraben free, vegan, you can only buy it online as the orders are made fresh . It was founded by a girl called Susan ma who was on the apprentice programme. I've been using it 2 years and not only has my skin massively improved I love the fact it's all natural and everything smells so nice. I own nearly the whole range. I just need them to bring out a shampoo and conditioner . Il check which vitamins I'm on tomorrow as I'm in bed and where I got them. I'm doing acupuncture too and I claim half this back through my health care x

  • I use a sanex parabens Free deorant and shower gel as these are quite cheap. Holland and barrett has been has become my new favourite shop as I buy face cream, fake tan, shampoo and conditioner and hand cream from The dr organic range they usually have deals on where you can buy products buy one get one half price. I've also found make up by Dr hauschka all natural supplied by John lewis so starting to buy bits from there. I replaced all my plastic tupper ware with glass and bought a batch from amazon. Xxxx

  • Not read but heard a lot about so will follow with interest x

  • I haven't read the book but just started cutting back. Body shop rainforest shampoo is good but the conditioner is awful. Using sanex like the others and a paraben free roll on deodorant from body shop aswell.

    What does the book specifically say to cut out and in what way? For example for sulphites there are a lot in food (I had a sulphite allergy and had to cut it all out a few years ago). Are you supposed to not eat them either? Or is it mainly parabens?

    To be honest I'm guessing she says you need to do this for a few months. Only saw someone on here talking about it when I'd already started dr so not sure it's doing much. I guess it just helps me think I'm in a bit of control when I'm probably not lol

  • Hi,

    The book doesn't mention sulphites. It has a lot on parabens and phthalates. Lots more too, but as the book is 300 pages, quite hard to summarize!

    It does suggest you need to follow most of the suggestions for three months prior to EC as apparently that's when eggs start the maturation process, but it's all good stuff and so I think anything you do has got to help a bit. ☺

  • I switched to all Holland and Barrett Dr Organic hair, bathing and skin products, tesco Eco washing powder and washing up liquid. I bought a batch of glass BPA free tupperware containers from amazon. I also used ubiquinol coq10, R-Alpha lipoic acid, vitamin e supplements and a raw organic chemical free conception multi vitamin called vitamin code all from amazon. I sourced the ultra Micronized, pharmaceutical grade dhea from a US company called mcPherson's lab. I also went for all organic natural foods (i eat pretty well anyway), no alcohol and weekly accupuncture from Oct onwards.

    My first ivf before I tried all the above, I got 9 eggs of similar sizes, became pregnant but sadly miscarried.

    I then read Fett's book which at the time I referred to as my book of hope. I followed it religiously from October to February's cycle which after making all those changes only yielded 3 larger follies, 3 smaller ones and a couple of tiny ones so only 3 that may have been potentially usable if they had eggs in at all. πŸ˜”. I was really shocked and gutted by this after reading that Fett went from very few eggs to around 20 after making the changes and wrote of women with similar successes.

    Anyway, our cycle was cancelled on ec day so I don't know if my egg quality had improved but I'm now paranoid the dhea or something else may have had an adverse affect so I've stopped taking it all and am now on just pregnacare and baby aspirin to prevent miscarriage prior to my third round which starts in a few weeks.

    Sorry to bring a negative story, my results may have had nothing to do with the changes and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I hope it works for you and you have a lovely healthy baby at the end of it.

    Luck and love Xx 😊

  • Her book put me off pregnacare as they contain L-arginine which she is quite negative about. Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I'm taking the Rainbow One American multivitamins she recommends. Am going to ask my clinic about them though when I go next Friday.

  • Also what's baby aspirin? I've seen it mentioned on here before. I have had a miscarriage before but can't admit this to my clinic or I won't get NHS funding so I can't ask them!

  • I was put off the pregnacare by the book too so switched to one recommended on Fett's website for months at Β£29 for 60 tabs at 3 a day. When we had a lot less eggs I was just concerned that there may have not been enough evidence to support Fett's claims, fertility specialists recommend pregnacare and l - arginine and when I've mentioned this book and it's advice to them and my zita west affiliated Accupuncturist they've pulled faces and explained the opposing argument/evidence. I didn't listen and continued with Fett's recommendations but when I had a lot less follies I felt disheartened. Maybe I shouldn't have, I don't know...

    The baby aspirin is just 1 75mg tablet a day which you can get from any pharmacy. It's supposed to prevent clots and miscarriage.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, it is great to hear from someone who has done it already.

    Personally I'm not planning to try the DHEA, and you've confirmed that for me.

    Best of luck with your next cycle xx

  • No probs Lizzie, and I think the product info sharing idea is a god send as I drove myself mad looking for phthalate free this and BPA free that etc! Tehe πŸ˜….

    I've stuck with some of the chemical free products like the hemp roll-on, Moroccan argan oil products from Holland and Barrett and the burts bees exfoliator, hand cream and lip balms.

    If we don't try these things we don't know do we, and it feels good to be seizing back a bit of control by doing everything we can to make it work.

    Good luck with it all, I hope your efforts work for you. 😊 xx

  • After our first bfn I bought this and went into overdrive and this time we did have better quality eggs..fewer but better and we made a 5 day instead of 3 day last time. Who knows if it was the changes or not. I think it's a great idea sharing products on here as I hadn't a clue when I first looked into feel somewhat of an So here is what I did:

    Took dhea and coq10 plus super greens from Holland and Barrett plus extra vitamin d and e.

    Bought a glass water bottle from Amazon

    I use sanex zero shower gel and as a treat Dead Sea stuff from Holland and Barrett. Sanex have a bath foam too.

    I have palmers hand cream, burts bees lip balm and garnier mineral deodorant. I also use Nivea pure and natural day and night cream. I bought hand gel too but can't remember name..we have a whole foods nearby which is great as all their products are paraben free. I use Jason shampoo and conditioner.

    I also cut out nail polish and perfume and don't wear much make up so kind of been walking around a bit be draggled😜

    We also made diet changes and I bought zita west book called eat yourself pregnant. Good recipients by also some awful ones. Dh and I did the detox..yuk..the granola recipie is great and I will post that here. We started taking lots of smoothies too. I also did mindfulness and acupuncture and got some fertility relaxation CDs that were good. Xxx

  • Ha ha it was the Jason shampoo that I bought too, and it is really rubbish isn't it? I've passed my bottle on to the DH as he hasn't got much hair to worry about anyway, and switched to Natural World which was cheap as chips on offer at tesco!

  • I didn't like natural world and preferred Jason. ..think my standards have seriously my dh has no hair at all so can't even pass it off..herbal essences had a nice one..was hard to find though x

  • I don't eat meat, would there be enough recipes in the Zita West book to be worth my while purchasing?

  • I would say so..lots of smoothies and things too.they had it in waterstones so you could have a wee nose through first xx

  • I'm with you on the natural toiletries. Lots of good tips here already, I'd like to add Neal's Yard Remedies as a good source. If you are a make-up girl, then Bare Minerals is ok. And if you're dying for perfume and willing to spend money, Malin and Goetz has some safe ones. The perfume oil is kind of affordable, the bottles are just too much!

  • Forgot to say that sistema plastic containers are all good, phthalate bpa and paraben free.. I've treated myself to a new lunchbox!

  • Really interesting stuff!

    I bought Zita West IVF diet and am adding a couple of meals a week into my diet. So far they have been really tasty!

    I am also taking coq10 and Holland & Barrett has become a regular in my life 😊 X

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