Confused!! 😧

We have our consultation with the doctor on Thursday. Received out paperwork pack which says all needs to be filled out and signed before appointment.

I'm confused by alot of the questions. I don't want to sign anything I'm unsure of. Will the doctor go through all of this with us? And allow us to sign there? Any advice appreciated. Slightly freaking out as we have 3 appointments at the clinic this week so all becoming alot more real 😏 thanks! xox

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  • Hiya, we had our appointment to be given our paperwork last week.. our nurse told us to read through it all but not sign anything. She told us this has to be done with them so they can witness it (and also answer our questions) maybe you should wait and fill in with them?xx

  • We had a couple of questions around how many embryos to put back in and freezing. We just left it blank and went through it with the nurse in the appointment. She was really chilled about it so I wouldn't worry about leaving sections blank and finalising it on the day, just fill in as much as you can do before you go. Good luck with the appointments. X

  • Should be at least a two hour appointment at the clinic within your three where they talk about implications? That's the one they go through everything with you both x

  • I really haven't much clue how these appointments will go. We have one tomorrow for blood tests, Thursday we have a doctor consultation, then Friday a nurse consultation. In the opening letter it says to have all forms complete before the Thursday appointment. So many questions I'm unsure on a few questions so don't want to sign if I'm unsure!

    Thanks for all your replies xox

  • We had to just fill in some of our paperwork just with our details, we had to bring 1 form to the blood test with us then at our 2 hour appointment the nurse went through the rest of the forms with us, i.e. Egg freezing etc and she filled them in? So I wouldn't worry too much about it! Best of luck x

  • Ooh I haven't been told to take any with me for the blood test! Maybe take the whole lot just in case 😂 thanks!!x

  • lol I suppose all the hospitals/clinics have their own procedures, yeah just bring them with you and you can ask at your first appt just to be sure! ☺️x

  • Yeah I'm sure they do. Just to make the process a little more confusing! 😏 I'll take it all with me just in case as knowing my luck we'll need to tomorrow too! Thank you x

  • The nurse should go through the firm's with you prior and explain on layman terms what each question means. I found it all a bit daunting.

    I suggest you read and place a star next to each question you want further explanation on then take to next appointment and demand they explain them all before you sign!


  • I remember thinking they are asking me to sign lots of things confirming such & such has been explained to me when nothing had been! I just put a postbit on each page I hadn't signed & asked all the stuff at appointment! Sometimes I think they hope our desperation to conceive means we wil just sign anything but u need to understand all u r signing so u r right to question.good luck xxx

  • Thankyou! We haven't had alot of explained so I don't feel comfortable signing when I don't know tleveraging about it! I've highlighted all I'm confused by and will ask the doctor on Thursday!

    Thanks for your reply xx

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