out of 4 fertalized eggs 2 top quality but other 2 not really developed ๐Ÿ˜ž

Morning everyone had the call so 2 x top quality embryos and 2 haven't really developed since so alot bit upset but 2 is better than none ! So wait until Thursday now for another morning call hoping they've developed and transfer time that afternoon , our doctor in recurrent miscarriage said she thought it would be best for a 5 day transfer for us so really hoping it works 1st time as we have 1 fresh go and 1 frozen go free on NHS xx

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  • Good to hear you got 2 top quality embryos.

    Wishing you all the best for ET.

  • Thanks PM27 hope you have had good news today xx

  • We did get good news, both eggs fertilised. Talk about emotional roller coaster, it's still sinking in.

    We go back tomorrow afternoon for ET.

  • Aww thats brilliant ! Good luck for tomorrow ! Xx

  • Thanks.

    Let me know how you get on with your ET.

  • Will do hun you too x

  • Remember you only need 1 Herrys so that's good news! Take care x

  • Well try to be positive as two is better than none! Fingers crossed the others develop though.

    We had three fertilise last week and two transferred but the other one sadly didn't develop any more so no chance of any frozen so for us so I'm just putting all my energy into positive thoughts for the ones that were transferred :)

    Good luck with it x

  • Thanks hopeful and cazo yes i was abit upset when i typed that this morning i know i am very lucky to have 2 looking very good , because of my age (26) and the eggs are top quality i will only be allowed 1 transferred in on the NHS but i may ask if i can have two transferred as im worried at the risk of freezing them ... will ask Thursday morning when they call to give me a update on them xx

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