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Hi guys,

Just a bit of advise. I'm looking at what time off from workI'll need Im thinking egg collection day after and then I would like some time off after transfer if we're lucky enough to get that far.

Problem is I work as a nurse and we basically have no staff when I started this fertility journey I had a very understanding manager and a team of other staff but since then most have all left leaving me to run a lot of clinics on my own. This wouldn't normally be a problem but time off is looking increasingly difficult. My question is has anyone been able to get a GP sick note for a week? I'm thinking this might be a good option to just get signed off but have never done this before for anything and didn't know how understanding GPs are with this sort of thing.

Thanks xx

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  • Hi Oliverl. Yes, go for it! I think you will find your GP very understandable under the circumstances and will sign you off for medical procedures for a week. You can also self certify too if your prefer, for 5 days. I can fully understand your concerns regarding lack of staff etc., but hey - this is your special time, so we need to think of you. I'm sure something will be sorted out at work regarding the clinics just for a short time, so do try not to worry. Good luck with whatever you do decide. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hey Oliverl,

    I work in a care home so for my first cycle of IVF I had my GP sign me off. They were very understanding.

    I was signed off from egg collection to a few days after my test day (3 weeks in total).

    I decided that as I work in a heavy and stressful environment I'd regret not taking the time off.

    For my next cycle which is starting soon I'm taking the first week off as annual leave (it's a frozen transfer so no poet egg collection time off required) and I'll return to work the second week but on light duties (I'll be paired to work with 2 colleagues who know about treatment).

    Don't feel guilty about taking time off. You need to do what's best for you and I definitely don't regret taking the time off before. Xxx

  • Thankyou I will go and see my go after egg collection and see if they can sign me off xx

  • Hi Oliverl - I got a sicknote for two weeks last cycle and one week for this one. My GP has been great, no questions other than what I want the note to say. I know we all worry about work but a nurse told me on my last cycle that this is the most important thing you will do in your life so taking a week out is the least you can do to help your chances. Good luck with everything, wishing you well x x x

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