No one takes me seriously!

Hi All,

I have a 5 yo son and since he was about 2 have been TTC to no avail. I have always dreamed of a big family and now my son is constantly asking me why he is the only one of his friends with no brother or sister (it breaks my heart and makes me feel inadequate if that makes any sense). I know I should be considering myself lucky but it is really getting me down. Got tests to see ovarian reserve and they are fine, hubby got tests to see if good sperm and all is fine, I had also a trans vaginal scan and all came clear and yet nothing! (paid for the tests private as the waiting list was killing me!)

I feel that when I go the GP he thinks I am making this up... just no interest in helping me because I have a son. Told me that I am not entitled for help as I was once fertile even though clearly I am no longer fertile... Just tell me to keep trying but it is killing me inside. I am not looking for sympathy what I want is answers as to why this is now happening.

Sorry for all the moaning but whenever I tell someone they do no understand :( .

I am convinced that the issue is that I am not ovulating as I never ever had an ovulation test come back positive (despite more than a 100 done over the years). Has anyone had this issue? if so did you manage to convince GP to give you medication?

Thanks and wish you all best of luck!

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  • Hi tgc2017

    I have a 6 yr old son & have been trying for over 4 years. Due to my age, my GP referred me to our local NHS 2 years ago. We have Secondary Infertility with no real reason - all our tests were fine. I had 6 months on drugs to stimulate my ovaries. I was scanned & the drugs had the desired effect but still not luck. After 18 months with the NHS, we were discharged as there was nothing more they could do for us as we weren't entitled to any funding....

    We are preparing to go private for IVF.

    I know fertility services depend on where you live but your gp should be doing more!

    I'm sorry I can't give you any answers about why this is happening but know you aren't alone. I totally understand what it's like to be asked for a sibling and being powerless to do anything about it xxxx

  • Thank you very much Pumpkin36! I does help to know there are people out there who understand. I will insist with the GP ( maybe ask to speak to a female one) and see if they help me more.

    Thanks again and wish you all the best xx

  • You are welcome. Definitely worth pushing your GP - don't let them fob you off. Keep us updated about how you get on - everyone on here is so supportive & there is always someone to listen.

    Thanks & good luck too xxxx

  • Gp should at very least be doing the day 21 ovulationblood test for a few months if this is what u suspect so at the very least u can see if this is one of the issues as then it may be that u need clomid to help with that! Time to get pushy me thinks! Best of luck Hun xxx

  • Thank you very much! I will be pushy, booked to see a different GP on the 9th and writing down all my reasons and what I want them to check.

    Thanks again and all the best xx

  • Hi tgc2017. Oh dear, so frustrating for you. To check your ovulation, I'm afraid you need to see your GP again and ask for a Day 21 progesterone test, which should read 30nmol or more for a positive result. If there were any issues when you gave birth to your son - C-section, infection etc, then a check of your Fallopian tubes should be carried out, just in case any blockage occurred. I realise how frustrating it must be for you, but you should be able to get investigations carried out on the NHS, but as you know having a child exempts you from any free treatment should you need it. I hope you can get these issues sorted and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you very much Diane! Had an awful delivery (forceps with episiotomy), my bladder was somehow damaged and they did give me antibiotics right before birth as they found some bacteria in one of the sweeps they done. Adding the Fallopian tubes check to my list of things to discuss with the GP.

    I really appreciate the support!

    Thanks again and all the best xx

  • Just a little update as I changed gps to a female one and she was lovely and referred me to the fertility specialist at the hospital. She also did the 21day blood test and said it came back as if I had ovulated . Going to have appointment in may but I am excited that at least They will help me investigate.

    Thanks again and wishing you all good luck xx

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