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Week delay


had our scan appointment today and as its only day 2 of AF I knew the lining wouldn't be thin enough. I was surprised when they said to come back after only 9 days of buserelin so it feels like a wasted trip and now next appointment is next Thursday. Was told on day 1 that collection would be wk beg 20 March then on day 21 that it would be wk beg 13 March. So I changed the date for time lapse imaging that we had booked in and now paid for. Now I might have to change it again or not get in at all (it's very popular). Think I'm probably getting worked up unnecessarily. Just a bit disappointed as today's appointment was a waste of time like I suspected it would be. Sorry for ranting away!xx

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ahhhhh delays are so frustrating - totally understand. we wait for years for treatment to start & get ourselves all psyched up, so when something shifts it seems like agony to wait.

you're not ranting, and even if you were, you've come to the right place 😛

my period took for what seemed like forever to come, plus i stimmed right to the death so my EC was about a week later than original schedule.

try & keep yourself chilled out if you can. by next thursday your lining will be just perfect 👌🏻

louisear in reply to -noodles-

thank you so much noodles. I don't know where I'd be without this site and the lovely ladies on here. Certainly keeps you going and staying positive. Best wishes to you 😊 xx


Hi louisear. Not a wasted scan at all! In fact it is good to hear that your clinic are watching you carefully, as no one wants to have to down regulate for too long. I know how frustrating all this is for you, but they're looking after you OK. Just wanted to wish you well for next Thursday, and that you can move on to the next stage of your cycle. Thinking of you. Diane

Hi Louise - it's totally understandable that you're getting a little worked up, I was exactly the same on my first cycle. I actually had a mini meltdown when we kept getting delayed. I cried in front of the nurse. And then in front of my boss (good lord!). This whole process is completely out of our control and it's so frustrating. So go easy on yourself when things change and you get worked up. It's completely natural and you'll just be so excited to progress things. Don't worry about the time lapse, they know how these things work, they will be completely used to it. Fingers crossed things progress soon x x x

thanks Mommabear. I'm not the most patient person at the best of times! I just felt if the hospital had put the control back to us and asked me to ring on day 3 of AF rather than making the appointment the lining would've been ok to start the next stage. I know I need to take a step back. Thank you for your kind words xx

MommaBear16 in reply to louisear

Taking a step back is easier said than done. I promise after this whole process is over all this waiting won't seem like such a big deal but right now it is everything to you so it's not easy to just go with the flow! It's ok to have your moments through this process, we all need to vent. As you'll see in the post that I'm about to put on 🙈😂 x x x

Fingers crossed next scan will be more productive for you. I can imagine how annoyed you must feel but do something nice for yourself. Go for a walk and breath in some fresh air, calm your mind and refocus on the next part of your journey xxx one step at a time:)

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