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?ovulation pain

I was originally told by my consultant that I don't ovulate. I tried an ovulation test last night which was negative but had a prominent line and a faded line (I think this means although I'm not ovulating I might soon, though I could be wrong) I know it only tests the hormone. The thing is today I have a mild pain like a period pain could I be nearing ovultion? I finished by period 2 weeks ago so not due on yet. I've never had this before mid-cycle

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It could be. You could keep testing until you get a positive (unless you missed it and that's why the line is getting lighter) but positive opks alone can not give you a 💯% that you are ovulating. The way to make sure is to measure your basal base temperature every day and chart it, then when you see a clear and sustained thermal shift (of three or more higher temperatures) you will know you ovulated. Hope this helps 😊

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Thank you


Hi Jaynelb86. As "Tugsgirl" says, it could well be. Carry on testing and fingers crossed you will be OK. Good luck! Diane


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