OTD today.... BFP!! Can I have sex now??

I still can't believe that the OTD arrived and Finally got a confirmed BFP albeit I still don't feel I can get too excited just yet as it's the start of a long hopeful journey ahead 😌

Have booked in for an 8 week scan at the end of July but I forgot to ask if I can have sex now.... So was wondering what you ladies thoughts are or what you' ve been told?

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  • No idea of the answer 1Boo, but your post made me laugh! After having the 'magic wand' shoved up your fanny at every opportunity, I'm amazed you'd even consider sex 😁

  • It is indecent how much that post made me laugh!! Thanks Madcatlady55 xx

  • There's nothing decent or modest about ivf, is there girls? xx

  • Certainly not. I had the pleasure of the 'magic wand' today and now can't call it anything else πŸ˜‚

  • Hi 1boo, as long as you feel fine then yes enjoy! Any discomfort though & you might want to wait awhile. Congratulations on the BFP x

  • Congratulations!! :) So happy for you! Maybe ask the clinic? We've rung them loads they won't mind. You'll feel more settled if you get their ok too xx

  • Congratulations!! Whoop!! I would call your clinic and decide based on how you feel. We've chosen to wait after I'd read online that it can cause bleeding but it's totally a personal decision. Enjoy your BFP!!! x x x

  • It should be fine but as Mommabear says it can cause spotting and bleeding so if this were to happen, would it make you even more anxious? And if you were to bleed, they advise avoiding sex until it settles. So, completely up to you I think but just beware of what could happen!

  • Aww boo! Huge congrats to you both. Brilliant news xxxx

  • Call your clinic and see what they advise. I read online that some docs recommend waiting till past the 12 week point and as this is so important and taken so long to get here, we decided it's safest to abstain for now.

  • Aw thankyou ladies! Really means a lot, I did think after I'd posted was that a bit vulgar (typical me, speak first think after πŸ™„) I spoke to the clinic and they did mention about the bleeding but then said "it's a personal decision"... Not too helpful lol. I think I will wait a bit longer though as like you say, we've come this far! So I'll wait at least til I have a scan and see the proof! My DH said "BJs it is then!" Bloody men! πŸ˜‚ Xxx

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA! This made me LOL at my desk! We're waiting until after the scan too... the 20 week scan (shhhh don't tell DH!) x x x

  • Hi 1Boo. I agree with "Sunny_skies"! I would resist just for a while. Just think what you've been through to get this far! Hang on for a couple of weeks then just try gently until you've had your 6/40wks scan. Fingers crossed for your ongoing pregnancy and of course birth. Diane

  • Well there's always the 'other' way, unless that's where you're shoving the pessaries πŸ˜‚

  • Haha.... Yes I that's the chamber where I load my bullets πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I couldn't cope with the mess in the front πŸ˜– Of course DH also said one evening " I wish I'd known you hadn't put one in yet, I could've made love to you that way! 😜" cheeky bugger! He does make me laugh though.... πŸ˜‚

    Where are you at in your cycle? (You said below next week will be nerve wracking) Xxx

  • I am sure there are other ways to help each other out!!!! LOL

  • I have had sex once in 4 months... They say not for the first 12 weeks but others donit before.

  • DianeArnold I think we need a subgroup where we can get vulgar!

  • Seriously though we have to laugh don't we, as I'm sure there are more than enough tears and stress aren't there. Certainly is the case with my boss at the mo and next week will be nerve wracking 😟

  • Damn I forgot to ask this too >___< I don't think my husband would go near me either way bless him. So worried we'll do something wrong. I know what you mean though the sexual frustration is making me even less pleasant than the mood swings are lol xD

  • For goodness sake I am in the second trimester and always want it, seems now we have a sexless life πŸ™„β˜ΉοΈ. Have to be thankful for my little friend πŸ™ˆπŸ€— does the trick most of the time wait til you hit second trimester ladies

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