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No appetite??

I have PCO and have been on my second round of gonal f for just over a week now. Been having severe pain but everything normal on ultrasound with largest follicle at only 7.2 (slow responder, day .34 last time!) My first time, apart from a few minor paid at the end due to over stimulation, a bit more emotional and sleeping an extra hour I was pretty fine. This time I have absolutely no appetite to the point I'm forcing myself to eat just 3-4 mouthfuls at meal times and then feel extremely nauseous and bloated aswell as constantly struggling to stay awake but also struggling to fall asleep and with the severe stomach pain I just feel like pulling my hair out! Just wondered if this has happened to anybody else?? And if anything helped?

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Hi bms12. So sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much pain. As your scan is satisfactory, I wonder what this could be due to? Are you drinking plenty of water? This is more important because you are not eating well at the moment, and you don't want to end up constipated. If you are, then that could be the reason for suffering so. I feel you need to have a chat with your clinic/GP to get to the bottom of the pain. Good luck and I do hope all soon settles back down. Diane


Hi, thanks for your reply. Been keeping fluids up but pain seemed to have subsided since follicles started developing. Not entirely sure myself! Spoke to consultant and he didn't understand either. He said it could just have been from the norethisterone although never had side effects like it before. Thank you for replying though x


Hi bms12. Pleased to hear that your pain has settled. Keep up with the water, and like you not too sure re the use of norethisterone causing your problem. Thinking of you. Diane

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