What a dream!!!

Even though I'm not doing my second cycle until April, clearly it's on my mind.

Just woken up from a vivid dream where firstly I thought it was EC and I had put on make up and loads of perfume. Then it wasn't but it was me running around trying to find somewhere private and quiet to take my trigger injection. I can vividly remember the box! Honestly thought it was real 😬

Strangely in my dream I had people from my personal like as well as professional (including my students) that I was trying to escape from to do my injection.

Wow all this does mess with you head! πŸ˜‚

Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

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  • aw hun, I can totally relate to this. I start injections today and the other night I dreamt I couldn't start as when I arrived for my appointment the Dr said my blood pressure was too high as I got so anxious. OH said I was thrashing about in my sleep!

  • It's mad what it does to your head eh!

    Good luck with injections and all treatment. You on long or short protocol xxx

  • It's crazy! And this is just the start! I'm on long. How about you? Thank you! Wishing you lots of luck too! Xx

  • I'm on short protocol in April. Will start when AF comes early in the month. So only like 6 weeks really! X

  • I'm getting crazy dreams aswell. One where I'm being driven by a car and can't stop it or get out. (Guess that is a lack of control one). Had a few others but can't quite remember them now but the OH usually gets woken up at the time to be informed about them! He takes about 30seconds before hes back to sleep snoring so I don't feel too guilty for waking him lol.

  • Ha it's crazy isn't it!!!! It's hardly on my mind during the week due to being so busy at work but I must be thinking about it sub consciously!

    Are you in treatment? X

  • Yes I'm about day 11 into DR, first baseline scan Friday where we start to see how my one remaining ovary is reacting.

  • Hope it all goes ok and you have success x

  • Hahaha Allie it just goes to show how much this stuff takes over our lives; awake and sleeping! x x x

  • So much!

    I saw your post. Wishing you MASSIVE luck for tomorrow and that your emby sticks and grows big and strong Xxxx

  • Ahh bless you Hun! I had weird dream to that I had a baby girl, and she was so cute..hopefully it's a sign haha xx

  • Defo Hun!!! X

  • Wowsa.....thanks for sharing, it's so so strange how the mind works hey, lets hope that this is a positive sign.

  • Lol I hope so! How is your wife doing x

  • She's doing well thanks Allie, 6 weeks 5 dats today. Got our scan booked for march. Had a bit of a scare regarding bleeding but a scan was done and although we lost one of the embies, we had a pregnancy visible sac with a yolk. So we have to remain positive.

    We've tempestuous stopeed taking Fragmin as this tended to result in bleeding ( we know this as she had stopped for 3 days and had no bleeding), it could well be normal to bleed, but all will be clearer at the scan. Generally she's doing ok though.

    .....continue to have positive dreams Allie

  • So happy to hear all is progressing ok. Keep in touch with all the updates x

  • Thanks for your reply , we may end up on cycle buddies :-)

    As mine isn't till mid April/may

    And yes it's deffo all I think of going to drive me and my husband insane lol,

    Wish I had dreams I'm just struggling to sleep where my brain keeps over thinking.

    Good luck with your cycle of ivf keep us posted with your dates

  • Aw yea we could be! Good luck to you too xxx

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