2nd ivf neg result

feeling very empty inside after this result - it did not suprise me due to the pain I suffered for 5 days after ET - intense cramps every night after taking gestone injection- was taking double dose paracetamol and still waking every hour in agony - I did not have this last time and just seemed off. after changing medication the pain was gone.

How do you spin anything positive in this? when there is a whole lot of hurt -can you actually ?

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  • I'm sorry to read this. Thinking of you

  • Thank you it means a lot xxxx

  • Sorry to hear this, look after yourself xxx

  • Thank you xxxx

  • Oh so sorry to read this, it's so hard I know and this journey can take you to dark places.. But then after time and some healing you will find the light again and move forward... .. I have had 2 negatives and 2 positives which I went onto miscarry so been there... Just on way with round 5, I'm so scared but got to remain positive as want to be a mum so bad.

    Take some time, be angry, eat some rubbish, have a drink, cry... And then with everyone's help try and move forward... Book then to have look at treatment plan and why possibly it not working, changes to make...Sending you big hugs.. We all here for you. Xxxx

  • Thank you so much. This journey is so hard - and its difficult to express feelings to friends/family that try to understand but cannot. I feel so desperate at times

    I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriages that must be so difficult, and do wish you all the best for your next cycle.

    hugs xxxx

  • Yes even though someone can be there and supportive of you, unless they been through it they really have no idea. I have times I can't be around my God children as I just find it hurts too much, my friends say they understand but don't think they do. I understand that desperate feeling.. Stay strong and don't give up hope... Thanks for your wishes, hope you feel better soon... Lots of love Jackie xxx

  • That's so true and I've been avoiding friends and family with little ones mostly as just can't cope very well with it due to the pain. Guess we protect ourselves to avoid any more hurt.

    Thank you and you too stay hopeful and positive

    Take care

    All the best xxx

  • I am so sorry to read this and also to hear how physically draining the meds were.

    I so wish you had better news...it is heartbreaking! Sending many hugs and hope you find some comfort soon. Take care!

  • Thank you so much it is nice to know that am not alone in this xxxx

  • So sorry to hear this. It's devastating when we want something so much and go through so much only to get a BFN. I've just had my second negative ivf result this week too so completely understand where you are.

    I still feel in limbo as we're not entirely sure what the issue is for us, although it's probably my eggs due to my age, so we need our follow up appointment with the consultant to find out what our options are.

    In the meantime we're going to be kind to ourselves, eat whatever I want, have a drink and book a holiday.

    I can't accept that I'll never be a mum, that just isn't an option so we have to find a way somehow. Although it's unlikely now to be genetically mine we have so much love to give a little one and still really want to be parents.

    Be kind to yourselves, have a good cry and take the time to grieve. If you can get a follow up appt it might be useful to answer your questions and help make a plan. Sending huge hugs xxx

  • So sorry to hear about your second negative this week. And thank you for your reply too - it's nice to know we are not alone in this

    I'm like you and can't accept that I'll never mum. Because of my autoimmune disorder it does make the ivf hard. I thought this time might work as had IVIG and steroids. I've been tearful all weekend but trying to look forwards now

    Im sure you'll be a great mum with all your love to give ! I hope it happens soon for you

    Take care xxx

  • So sorry to read this and sending huge hugs. .all the ladies above give fab advice. .take all the time you need be angry,upset whatever u like as you need to allow all these feelings and in time better days and a plan will follow. Yes eat and drink whatever I like now and we booked a holiday and just tried as best we could to get on with living life. .honestly it felt to me like a bereavement and I don't think anyone understands that unless they have been here..take lots of care of you xxx

  • Thank you. Yes you're right the grief and sense of loss is like bereavement. I've been lighting some candles each night to acknowledge the loss. Booking a holiday is good idea - take care too xxxx

  • Sorry to hear that. Dear, just give it a time. big hugs to you

  • So sorry to hear this Hun.this journey can be so cruel and unfair!! It breaks my heart every time I read posts like yours as all the lovely folk here completely know what u r going thru.

    Give yourself a bit of time to grieve and calm.of course u will feel empty right now.allow yourself to feel what u need to feel.getting past this isn't a quick fix by any means but once u feel a bit calmer u can start to make plans on your next course of action and gradually u will see light at the end of the tunnel

    Big hugs xxx

  • Thank you so much. Even though it hurts to the core. Getting messages like yours does help a lot

    You take care xxx

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