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Reassurance feeling worried :(

Im day 20 down reg I started bleeding day 11 till 15 , I had a scan monday the 6th and my lining was 6.2. so wasnt able to start stimming Ive been taking tablets for 5 days i was slightly confused as one nurse said i would have a bleed while taking them and then yesterday another nurse said the bleed usually starts 3 days after stopping Im so worried as I have a scan booked tues morning

is it at all possible that my lining could absord itself without a bleed the nurse i spoke to was saying if im not ready i will have to continue for another week just feeling rly rubbish atm ,Ive had period pains for days and thinking im gonna start but nothing xx

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Hey there, I had trouble with my lining in my first round. I didnt respond to the buserelin nasal spray but I got given injections and another scan date. I went along with a heavy heart thinking "I havent bled so whats the point". To my surprise my lining had thinned down without bleeding, apparently it can be absorbed. Im not sure about the tablets and how they are meant to work but perhaps your lining could shrink like mine without bleeding! Fingers crossed for you!x


Thank you for your reply

The tablets Im on are meant to induce a bleed but have to see but if not then hopefully it will thin without a bleed. hoping by tues i may be ready to start menopur its the first time ive not responded well to the buserelin Xx

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