Started the process for round 4 😞

I honestly thought I'd have never have had to try 4 times at this but here I go.

Hubby still drinks but after a friend has been in hospital due to an enlarged heart caused by drinking he's cut down.

He religiously takes his 7vitamins a day & is planning a dry month before the next round which we hope will be in September.

Money has run dry & ive just been made redundant so we're paying private with the NHS as its half the price. The consultant seems on the ball. First step check Hibbys sperm quality for DNA fragmentation issues... I should be happy things are moving again but to be honest I'm not... yet

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  • I wish you the bet of luck my

    Sweet xxx u deserve this

  • Me too. Starting in September, should be glad to be able to but....

  • Good that you've managed to get your hubby to cut back on the drinks, that's no easy feat....mine is the same! Mine is currently drying out, its not so bad once they get into it, just bad habits! Good luck!x

  • Best of luck x

  • Good luck .. hope this is your time. Do you mind me asking what you mean by half price on the nhs ... haven't heard that one before. In the 2ww of my second and last cycle on nhs x

  • Hi for us we need ICSI treatment which with a private clinic costs about Β£8000 depending on what you have & can be more if you have the extras like embryoscope.

    The NHS clinic we're going to it's Β£4029 with embryoscope/ embroglue etc included :) so quite a saving. I believe most NHS do this as they are none profit making x

  • Welcome back lovely. Hope this is your time xxx

  • Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • I really hope that you get your BFP. Our consultant said no alcohol for 3 months before treatment. It takes quite a time for the swimmers to be produced so well worth hubby cutting out alcohol from now on to give you the best chance.

  • Yes you're right. He didn't touch it for 3 months in the run up too our 1st go. Problem is he's had better sperm results since so it's hard to convince him & im at the point where he's got to want to, so as hard as it is I'll take the month for now :) if this next sperm test comes back better in hoping that will inspire him. Problem then is a stag do, a wedding & an army reunion throughout July & August πŸ™„ really hope everything goes to plan for you x

  • Have you read 'it starts with the egg' by Rebecca Fett? She is of the opinion eggs of any age can be improved along with the sperm. I'm trying to follow her advice & I've got hubby do a lot of it as well x

  • No I haven't. We followed the medical advice, no alcohol, sensible exercise & diet. We took high level Folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E for me acupuncture, reflexology for me. Even with DE we didn't get a BFP or anything frozen. We've decided to cease after 3 rounds of ICSI. You're brave to try again.

  • Hi, its really tough but I really hope you get the positive result this time . Xxxxx

  • Good luck hope you get you positive this time x

  • Best of luck xx

  • Was just wondering where you were in your journey yesterday morning. Keep strong. xx

  • Good luck with your next round and don't worry I never thought I'd have to do more than 1 or 2 rounds and it finally happened last week on my 4th attempt xx

  • Wishing you all the best ☘☘☘ x

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