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FET process?

Hi everyone,

We have our coordination appt booked for 13th Feb and I just wondered if anyone can tell us what the process usually is. I don't have any periods at all so for my last IVF I took the pill for 3 weeks to induce a bleed. Is it likely I will have to do this for FET? Do you usually start the drugs with a bleed?

I would really appreciate any info anyone has.

Thank you x

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I started the pill on my bleed and took that for 21 days then stopped had scan and started my oestrogen pills with aspirin and high dose folic acid.

Hope that helps


Hello I had fet after miscarriage.. so I had to wait fr normal period n I had taken progynova tablets since the period day...after 12 days they did fet n I continued progynova along with crinone gel till 10 weeks...fet was much more easier n I felt as if I conceived naturally..now I m running 17 weeks pregnant...Good luck for u...

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