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Light pink when i wipe

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Hi ladies, im about 5 weeks now and for the past 2 days when i wipe there is pinky stuff/ yesterday it happened and then nothing. Nothing all day today until now... i wiped and pinky again... i havent got cramps or anything and find that it comes and goew. Please tell me its normal at this stage..


Hi ladies... thanks for all your advice.... i went to epu yesterday and all seemed ok. No more pinky stuff thus far and they only saw 2 little babas.... im im complete shock...I transferred 2 hoping one would at least implant so was absolutely gobsmacked to see 2... 🙏🙏🙏

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I had this - 12 weeks now x

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Ahh its so worrying... but im trying to stay calm as surely it would be full flow by now if i was loosing the baby? Not go on/off for 3 days?

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Maybe c what others say but for me it went away.....

Hope it stops.


Get it checked out at the early pregnancy unit

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I was going to go, but my clinic says unless it turns heavy then i should wait until my scan as im only 5 weeks...

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I'm still getting my brown/Pink and occasional dark red discharge but it's not very much. I've been wearing panty liners to monitor it. I'm putting it down to the pessaries and a lot of it seems to be old bits- nothing heavy or full flow. Like you say they won't do anything unless it's that so I've refrained from contactingvabyobe so far and my sister said she had it in both her pregnancies (natural) and it was fine. These 5 week babies are working hard at scaring us! Xx

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Tell me about it.... scaring me to death... i do have a feeling its the pessaries... it hasnt come back so fingers crossed... scan day needs to hurry up xx

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Hopefully we'll all be okay. When's your scan? X

Just keep an eye on it (I’m sure you’re on constant knicker-watch anyway!) We were told pink/brown spotting is very common in IVF pregnancies, and is normally nothing to worry about. If you pass any fresh blood and/or it gets heavier, I’d ring your early pregnancy unit to see if they can give you an early scan.

My partner had spotting, & passed a large frank blood clot, but the EPU scanned her & found all was as it should be. She’s now 16+2. xx

I had this and it is very scary. At my 7 week scan they found a tiny clot (or bit of the placenta that came away) that was causing it. I haven’t had any for a few weeks now but I know some ladies do bleed on and off until the second trimester. Like the other ladies have said, if it’s pink and you have no pain then it shouldn’t be anything. It’s easier said than done, but please try not to worry too much.

If the pessaries go up too far they can touch the cervix which is more sensitive during pregnancy/IVF process due to the drugs and can cause it to bleed. This is usually very pink, only there when you wipe and goes after a couple of days. I had this prior to my transfer and this is what the clinic told me. Hope everything goes well at your next scan xx

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