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Hi all

I am new to this site, so wanted to say hello. :-) I find all other support sites quite confusing and the forums a bit of a mindfield!

I am about to undergo my second self-funded cycle of ICSI this February after a failed funded cycle in October. Our issues are husbands low motility, plus ongoing infection causing antibodies. As far as they are aware I am ok, however I am convinced there is something underlying!

If anyone ever fancies a moan or a chat then feel free to message me.


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  • Just wanted to wish you lots of luck Hun, hope its 2nd time lucky for you. This site has been a godsend at times for me, I also never really 'gelled' with any of the other forums, this one is great though. All the best xx

  • Thank you 😁 Just nice to know you can talk to people that understand and can relate. Good luck with your journey too. Xx

  • Welcome Kloulou83 and I agree, I find this network much better than some other forums etc :) Our infertility issue is also male factor. Good luck with your 2nd cycle and this is the great place to share all your thoughts in the IVF/ICSI rollercoaster xxx

  • Thank you 😊 Wishing you the best for your journey too. what cycle are you on? Xx

  • We have the first appointment for cycle #3 in March and hoping to start the treatment very soon then but let see what the clinic thinks and how much more they want to do tests. X

  • My husband has had to do a lot of tests between these cycles and they are going to possibly offer us DNA fragmenting this time, so fingers crossed we get more fertilised eggs. We are having to start from scratch again as we had nothing left for freezing last time.

    Good luck with your next cycle in March. Xx

  • Hello dear welcome to the forum. Everyone on here is just amazing and so lovely. And its easy to find ur way round this forum. Quite easy to use. Fingers crossed for you. I hope that ur tratment goes well and u get ur baby angel. Lots of love xxx

  • O yeah there is also a nurse called diane on here. She can help with alot questions that u may have she is very lovely and supportive.x

  • Thank you so much 😊 great to know that Diane is on here too for any questions. Lots of luck in your own journey. Xx

  • Thank you.xx

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