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So went for 2nd follicle count scan today after a few days of Menopur- 3 of the 4 follies look to be growing ok, I think which is good as at this point last time, only 1 follie was dominant. Got to start oraguratan injections tonite with menopur, flying out Thursday for scan Friday morning! Let's see if we can get our frozen embryo some company so she wont be lonely when transferred back!!!x

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  • Hey hon

    Great news fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Wishing you the very best

  • good luck hun xx

  • Glad to hear things are progressing nicely for you! Safe journey and good luck for Fridays scan!xx

  • I will be thinking about you - all the best and let me know how things go x

  • Claudia, that's great news... Yippee.. Fingers crossed... Will be watching out to see how it all goes with everything crossed for you... So if they collect OK, are you staying in Greece whilst they fertilise and put them into you or will that be another trip?

    !lots of love xxx

  • We've told them this is our last visit so even if the collect no eggs we still want our 1 frostie transferred so we will be here a while x

  • Oh just seen you post hun. Excellent news. Way to go. Is hubby able to go out with you?

    Wishing you all the best. PM me whenever you like re updates and experiences.


  • Yes he's been able to come thank goodness x I've pm'd u x

  • Wow that's great news. Good luck and keep us updated xxx

  • That's good news - hope everything goes well xx

  • All d very best gurl. Keeping everything crossed for u dear. Xx

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