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Transfer booked!


Had my lining scan today ready for FET and apparently it’s looking good at 10. Such a relief!

So T day is all set for Tuesday. There’s been so much build up, I don’t know how to feel!

Have to say though, acupuncture has been great for levelling my moods so I think I feel ok about everything. Although I’m a realist at heart so will be astonished if it works!

Anyway, rambling post but we’ve not told anyone when the transfer might be so had to get it out to someone!!

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All sounding good!

Wishing you lots of luck for Tuesday 😊xx

HPLondon in reply to genten

Thank you!! X

Good luck for Tuesday and of course for the 2ww x

How very exciting! Sending good vibes and good luck your way for Tuesday xx

Good luck for tuesday xxx


Good luck for Tuesday. I'm currently going through a fet cycle and had my first ever acupuncture on Monday and I totally agree with you, it's made me feel so much better and levelled xxx

HPLondon in reply to Hidden

It’s amazing isn’t it! Even if it’s a placebo effect, I’ll take it x

All sounding very positive. Best of luck for Tuesday, hope transfer goes smoothly!xx

Ahh exciting ! Good luck xx

Best of luck with your transfer x


Good luck! Xx

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