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Next step complete - EC went well

So I had my egg collection this morning. The procedure was just fine. Felt good and relaxed after my temazepam and felt only very mild discomfort.

We all did a little cheer every time an egg was confirmed ☺

7 eggs were collected, my lucky number so am just so happy!!

Just need to wait and see how they go. Gonna do icsi coz the frozen sperm was a bit sleepy after being defrosted 😊

Another step towards 👶🏻 complete. Keeping everything crossed.

Hope everyone is well xx

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Well done, bet your so relieved. Can I ask a question how many mature follicles did they see on your final scan? Did they see 7, and get them all?x

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There were 5 mature and then 2 smaller ones which they managed to get but unlikely to have a mature egg. Just got to wait and see x

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Great news!Everything crossed that they fertilise & grow nicely xxx


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