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scan update!!

So had another scan this morning, as they added in a mid way scan.

im on day 6 of gonal f and the nurse said she would have like to have seen the follicles started to lift off. im on 150 gonal f, and my biggest follicle is 10mm so frustrating. im just waiting for a call from the consultant as they are looking to up my dosage, but i just feel that im going down the same route i did bk in october.

they have said i wont be ready for EC on monday but hopefully with upping the dosage they will start to do something and EC will be moved towards end of next week.

Its so hard to remain positive as i honestly thought it would be different this time, my womb lining is perfect thats sat at 10mm just the follicles we need to get up!!!

so the hot water bottle will be coming out now for every day going forward lol

has anyone else has the same size follicles at this stage and gone on to EC etc?

Thanks in advance


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Mine have been 8-10 on both my first scans with my last 2 cycles (at 8 days) and got to egg collection both times. I just take a bit longer to stimulate than some - usually about 12-13 days. Never been any suggestion to me from the clinic that this is a problem. Sounds like you are on track and have nothing to worry about xxx

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yup. I had a few 10mm taken a 18mm and a few 14mm. It's just a few more mm. I will keep everything crossed for you xx


Hi emma-jane-30. What a nightmare for you! All you can do is to trust your consultant and hope that the increased dose does the trick for Monday. Thinking of yu. Diane

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