Hi everyone. My name is Caroline I am based in Devon and just looking for someone local to confide in to support each other. Also does anyone know if there are any support groups in Devon for infertility or ivf where I could meet other people going brought this as I don't know anyone else who has had to face this. All my friends are on their second pregnancies and they just don't understand what I'm going through.

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  • Hi Caroline, welcome to the group. I live in north Devon & im currently having treatment in Exeter. Feel free to private message me.x

  • Hi Caroline! I'm afraid I don't know of any support groups off hand, but I live in South Devon and had treatment at Plymouth and I'm sure there were support groups advertised in the clinic itself on the noticeboards. Have you checked those? We were also given the number of a counsellor - perhaps they could provide you with details about support groups or similar? Wishing you lots of luck on your journey, feel free to message me too! Where in Devon are you? Xx

  • I am in south Devon, I had ivf with icsi in Aug 2016 at exeter which failed. I did consider counselling but I would rather meet and chat with people who know what this is like. I am now trying to figure what to do next. Been looking Bristol but do you think this is too far for travel? Also been looking at Ivf Spain. Any thoughts?

  • Hi Caroline, I meant perhaps you could contact a counsellor to ask if they can put you in contact with a support group?

    I had my treatment in Plymouth and I am currently 9 weeks pregnant after an FET from my first IVF round. My consultant, when I got to see her, was absolutely brilliant and I would recommend them. Xx

  • Yes you are probably right that is a good idea! A counsellor should be able to name a group!

  • Hi Caroline, I'm in Devon too, and like the other ladies feel free to message me if you want to chat. I had first failed round in Exeter and now travelling to Bath for our second round. X

  • Hiya, Im in Somerset had NHS go at Bristol currently on waiting list at Bristol (BCRM) for donor eggs (been waiting over a year now!) so had one private go in Cyprus but unfortunately I had a chemical so flying out again on 17th Feb for another go. I can fully recommend our clinic if you want more info its cheaper than the UK and the treatment is superb x

  • Please could you message me about Cyprus?

  • Hello!! Please feel free to inbox me!!

  • Thank you everyone for all your messages and kind words. Congratulations monkak I am so happy for you that your treatment worked out. Just seen that the clinic in Bristol have an open evening next weekend so I have booked in to go have a nosey

  • Hi Ch319, I'm in Somerset and have experience with the BCRM & IVF Spain if you'd like the load down on my experience PM me. Good luck with your journey. xx

  • Hiya Caroline! Welcome to the group! I live in south Devon and are looking to have donor treatment after three failed cycles with my own eggos! Please feel free to PM me xxx

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