Frozen Embryo Transfer - Starts End of Jan 2017

Hi all, I'm new to the site and this is my first post ... so please bare with me!

Just a quick overview ..

last April we did our first IVF cycle that resulted in 9 eggs being retrieved 7 fertilized but only two survived to Blastocyst, one was transferred but sadly we got a BFN in May. This hit me like a brick ... I honestly thought it was going to work ...... all my checks have come back ok, levels are all normal, tubes are also fine! My husband has antibodies in his sperm, but on day of egg retrieval his sample was perfect!

Anyhow after a few months of the biggest emotional rollercoaster of our lives, we are finally taking the plunge to do our first FET cycle. I'm terrified!

Please could people give me some feedback on what to expect, I believe this is not as stressful on your body as IVF but I just want to emotional prepare myself.

We are due to start treatment at the end of January 2017, and I have my implication appointment on 17th January.

Sending baby dust to everyone ....


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  • Me and the wife are going through this too, quite pos doing FET next week. Collection was done on November but things wer but ok hold after getting 4 embies from a similar number of eggs. However due to her having a pylop in the womb, this needed to be removed which was done last month.

    She had started the burselin injections l, which immassusting her with. We tahe it roughly at 10pm every night ( at first the dosage was 0.5 but after scan last week, we had to reduce it to 0.2), she seems to be doing ok but feeling quite tired during the day. My advise would be to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

    We are due to scan again on Friday with, as I say the view if doing FET next week at some point. So when you do have the FET you will be told to have another injection daily to aid the implantation.

    Aswell as this, I believe you will be told to admister medication too.

    Hope that helps, please keep in touch and let us know if we can help with anything else.

  • Thank you for response, really hope your wife is ok.

    Thank u for the advise will drink plenty πŸ˜€.

    Keep me updated too, good luck with everything

  • Following. Endo scratch tomorrow and I think I start drugs for fet tomorrow too... first fet. Good luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you xx

  • Hey babez am currently doing my fet..depending on ur protocal i do roughly 25 days from start to transfer

    I take the buserelin then take the prognova pills then 5 days befor transfer start the ptogesterone will feel really tired its 1 of the down sides..but drink lots of water and rest when you can..i had a FET in july got BFP with 2 day 5 embryos but sadly had a miscarriage at 8 here i am doing it again now ready for my transfer..feel free to message me if you want anyone to talk 2 or need advise..good luck x x

  • Thank you emzlou25 for the reply.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, my heart goes out to you xx

    Thank you for the information, I will remember to drink lots ... I was on the long protocol for my fresh cycle so I assume that will be the same this time, should start buserelin at the end of this month, but will know more on 17th when I go to my implications appointment.

    Will keep you updated, please do the same.

    Sending lots of baby dust your way


  • Thank u so much babez..u will find a fet ist as hard on ur body as the fresh cycle and no egg collection which was the hardest for me as i felt everthin and bled alot they had 2 stop my egg collection as i was in so much pain..i will keep u updated..hope all goes wel for u feel free to msg me anytime xx

  • Thanks emzlou25 for your reply, am very relieved to here FET isn't as harsh as the fresh cycle, I found stims very hard, well I found the whole thing pretty hard, but think as it was my first round I had no idea what to expect so at least I've got a little understanding now .. Thanks again xxx

  • Ur more then welcome hope it all goes well for u.its so stressful when u dont no what 2 expect bless u xx

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