Happy new year

Seeing as I'm in NZ then I'll be the first of us to say goodbye to 2016 - what a crap year that was for me.

Haven't been on here much lately as been struggling to cope and wanted to ignore the whole IVF issue. Had our trip home which was fab but it was babies and children left right and centre. Even the day we left we ended up meeting our new week old nephew. Can't say I coped with it well to be honest. Kept on thinking I should have been going home 6 months pregnant.

Saw a consultant at the Lister whilst we were home to get a second opinion on whether it is worth us trying again. He feels that it is but our protocol should be changed. He doesn't feel that we have had a good chance with any of our cycles (even the one where we got pregnant) and would expect more eggs. I so wish we could start a cycle with him but we're back to trying to decide where to go on this side of the planet. Gonna leave things until Feb as everything pretty much closes down here in January for the summer.

Here is to a better 2017 for all of us. You guys have been amazing support to me over the past year.


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  • Soundz like a nightmare trip home babez ever where bless u..i will defo be glad 2 see the back of 2016 i also struggled over xmas as i should have been 29 wks now and my cousin whos 27wks and so nervous bless her oept asking me advise on baby related stuff as i seem 2 be the come 2 for advise person in our family..i didnt mind advising her but was hard when should have been going home pregnant to..heres 2 us both gettin our longed for bundled of joy in 2017 x x

  • Huge hugs to you. Your trip homes sounded tough at least the consultant comments were encouraging. Shit year 2016 for us too so I will happily raise a glass and say cheerio to it later.. hoping 2017 our year xx

  • Well done on getting through your trip, I know how much you were dreading it in many ways.

    Take comfort in being home and back in your comfort zone, glad you got some good advice to Leo you plan the next step and toast to a better 2017.


  • Ah bless you...Happy New year to you and all the lovely ladies battling this intense Journey... Roll on 2017 and hopefully a more positive year... after 4 IVF cycles in last 2 years and 2 Miscarriages I keep praying my time will come....I watched next door Christmas day all heading out with family and there 3 month old baby all happy and watched and cried...My due date would of been 10th December....but once again we pick ourselves up and Hope this year will be the year.....so get where you coming from...Sending lots of love and Positive Vibes xxxxxxx

  • Hi Mantaray - Happy New Year. Wishing you all the luck in the world with your next cycle and all the best for 2017 x x x

  • Hey lovely. Hoping 2017 is our year. You must be starting your cycle soon. x

  • Get our meds on Monday and start jabbing on the 21st. Feel excited, feel ready... ET is booked on my due date at the minute, hoping this is a sign x x x

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