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Happy new year everyone ❤️🍾🥂

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Our evening involves a cheeky chocolate and a alcohol free beer followed by some injections later 🤗 rock and roll but it’s perfect to us.

I wish you all the best for what the new year brings. 2018 hasn’t been the best for a few of us I’m sure but I really hope 2019 is the year full of little miracles for us all as we all deserve that happy ending. Xx

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Sounds like a great plan to see in the new year! Happy new year, I hope it's a good one for you and your loved ones ✨✨

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Happy New Year! Last night, I necked a whole bottle of 0% alcohol sparkling wine! Rock and roll indeed!!! Best of luck with your cycle xx

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Haha love it!

See you are 10 weeks. Congratulations ❤️🍾🤗 xx

Oh that looks lovely...especially the tower of ferrero choccies😊. Happy new year x

I was on this hard stuff at a very wet family party last night as well! Good luck to you all!

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Good luck to you too whatever stage your at ❤️ xx

Thank you!! X

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