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Drugs not arrived!!

So was expecting to take delivery of my meds today to start short protocol next week. The delivery van broke down and I have waited in all day but now have been told it's going to be at least 8pm!! When offered an alternate day for delivery they offered next Friday!! Too late!!

I'm not impressed considering I'm a private patient and have paid for this!

I'm trying not to get stressed about it but failing. Is this a sign? 😢

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It's just others being in a little world of their own and not thinking about what people might be waiting for.

As you say, it's not acceptable, but try not to get too stressed. Is there an emergency contact at your clinic that can be the one dealing with all the stress of reorganising it or with the company directly. If people are supplying these sorts of medication they know that it is required by a certain time...

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Hi, a similar thing happened to me actually. My start date with the cycle was pushed forward by a few days and the drugs company lost the order. I was really furious (because we also had paid privately). I then spoke with my doctor and I could use the emergency pack (in my case it as menopur) of the clinic. My delivery arrived the day after and I had to give one pack back to the clinic immediately. I'd speak to your doctor. Good luck ! X

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