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Prostap prior to next cycle-any advice?

Hi ladies, I'm hoping anyone who suffers from endometriosis like myself might have some experience of this...

My clinic are advising I take prostap for three months before starting our next cycle (3 previous failures) the reasons just don't seem to be clear enough to me so I wondered if anyone has done this prior to a cycle and has more information on how it could benefit my body/ the cycle.

I have taken prostap for 6 months in the past, but that was as a form of treatment for the endo, and way before we started IVF. The side effects of the prostap made me feel very unwell so I am reluctant to take it again, and can't help thinking my body wouldn't be in it's strongest state ready for starting IVF again. I understand the prostap will halt the growing of further endo, but as far as I understand it doesn't actually reduce what is already there so I'm sceptical about how it's could help success rates for our next cycle.

Any advice/ experience would be much appreciated x

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Due to endometriosis I was put on zoladex for three months prior to starting my first IVF cycle. It's a different drug to prostap but I believe used with the same goal in mind (to stop any further endo from being created and although it doesn't get rid of what is already there it puts it into a dormant state). It was a hard three months as I struggled with the horrid side effects but we did fall pregnant on this IVF cycle (although I guess I'll never know if this is thanks to the Zoladex or not). If you're concerned about the build up of endo could you not request a laparoscopy first to excise the existing endo and then go on prostap straight after in the build up to your next cycle?


Thanks for your reply KGipp, I had a lap a couple of years ago and lots of endo was excised but another has not been mentioned and my endo hasn't been as bad as it was prior to the lap. I think we are going to book a private consultation in the hope that we can get more info on what we should do, this could be our last cycle so we want to do all we can.

Congratulations on your pregnancy 😊 Hope things are going well x

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Hi Georgina78. I can realise how scary it must be to have to use Prostap again after your last experience. However, It is important to halt any progress before starting your IVF cycle. I do have a couple of lists of questions you might like to go through before you see your consultant again. There just may be a couple you hadn't thought of asking. If you email me in confidence at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send them to you. Good luck! Diane

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Thanks Diane, I will do that x


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