First cycle nerves

Hello! I'm incredibly nervous about starting my first ivf cycle. I'm 37 and doing this on my own as this may be my only chance to have a baby. I have severe Endo, have lost my left ovary and tube and also have a non functioning left kidney all thanks to the endo. My AF and AMH were very low so I'm doing the short protocol. I have my appt to see the nurse next week to go through my treatment plan and then hopefully it's all good to go next month. I've started a journal to help me get down my thoughts and I'm having reproflexology and acupuncture.

Just after some reassurance from those who have been through this journey or are about to start. Thanks in advance. X

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  • Hello there ..all the best on your ivf journey .I'm also on my first cycle and this website has really been great .you get to express how you are feeling .iv been taking it one day at a time and just trying to relax .I thought the injections would be terrible but turns out it wasn't that bad .I'm due for EC soon and I'm just hoping for the best. xx

  • Hi there I'm also a severe endo patient. Trying for last 4 years 4 ivfs. 1 miscarriage 1 ectopic. But I've not lost faith as yet. I don't know I might be wrong. I just turned 37 this month. I pray for both us that we get there.

    Where are u getting ur cycle.


  • Hi hellsbells36. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this and I'm sure your clinic will look after you. the girls here will support you too. Here's hoping for success. Diane

  • Hi, what's new? Is your ivf going well?

    I also had such treatment. I've passed 4 cycles of ivfs and don't want to stop. I registerd here to find any support and advices. because our last clinic didn't give us a positive result. so we are about to find another. This forum shoved me that everything will be ok. at first we should believe in good.Don't be upset and that's a great idea that you started a diary. It definitely will help you to garminise your feelings.

    I'm open to any of your questions. wish you luck

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