Vanishing twin syndrome

We had out ten week scan last night. Following our seven week scan we were told we were having twins. I was nervous and wanted to pay private for a ten week scan.

I knew something wasn't right and sadly one twin had stopped growing and there was no heart beat. They call it vanishing twin syndrome: very sad πŸ˜₯.

Anyway the other little fighter was seen kicking and moving around so happy about that.

Today I feel very sad but I know I should be happy as at least I have one on board.

Has anyone else experienced this???? xx

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  • I'm sorry for your loss but happy one little one is still hanging still early days in my first cycle so can't offer much advice. I hope it all goes well with your pregnancy. xx

  • Thank you! I'm feeling positive now! I should feel lucky xxx

  • I haven't experienced this but I totally understand your split feelings; happiness for one of your twins and feelings of grief for the other one. I think it sounds very natural to want to take a little time to grieve for what might have been. I'd hold those memories tight and cherish them.... as well as all the new memories that you'll be making as your little one carries on growing. Take care of yourself. Xx

  • That's lovely thank you. I feel more positive tonight!! I'm looking forward to the future now xxx

  • Aww what an emotional day for you, sad for your loss but happy for your little fighter xxx

  • Oh babez am so sorry for your loss..this must be such a hard day for you..emotions all over sad and wanting 2 be happy at the same time ur head must be in such a mess you poor so happy for ur little fighter but so sad 2 hear ur other little twin is sadly a little angel πŸ˜‡ take ur time too greave its needed its only natural bless you..feel free 2 pm me if you need a shoulder or just a listening ear hunnie x x x

  • Thank you emzlou25. This IVF thing is tough but I'm strong and I will get through it, like most women on here. Especially with the support from this site. Thank you so much xxx ❀️

  • Yes it really plays with your emotions..weve had 1 BFN & a miscarriage at just under 8 wks..its a tough road but worth it..hope ur getting some rest when you can xxx

  • Hi Missy_22. So sorry to hear this, but in my early midwifery days, I think this probably happened many times, but we didn't have scans, so would never know. Your little one obviously means business, and I wish you well with the rest of your pregnancy. You're a quarter of the way through now, and will have lots to tell him/her when he/she is older. Thinking of you. Diane

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