Started bleeding at 9weeks

9 weeks pregnant today and had lost a small blood clot the size of my small fingernail, texture of a piece of liver at 10am today then 1hour later I had a small bleed (was bright red) on toilet roll after peeing. Nothing since and no pain.

Called GP nothing they can do but a waiting game. Husband off to India today with work so home alone and very upset.

What do you ladies think? Is it game over? Any similar experiences?

:( x

My 1st pregnancy after one full IVF and one FET. 3.5yearsTTC

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  • Hi, I had the same thing at 9 weeks, I went to my local EPU, they scanned me and said it was placenta embedding. Give them a call and pop in? Try not to worry x

  • Thanks Se99. I'm really scared. My anxiety has been bad anyway but with hubby away it's in overdrive! I will call EPU. Keep you updated x

  • I'm not surprised, hopefully EPU will reassure you, try take it easy for a few days x

  • Thanks my love. Sending my love to you too xx

  • I've seen alot of girls get this on a group and nearly most of time. it's normal, you know you can just go to A &E I would like right now tell them what happened and your very worried, they will scan you.

  • Thanks. I know you read all of the time bleeding can occur but when it happens it's a shocker. The blood clot was horrible to see really brought me back to reality after starting to think I might be going ok!

  • Yes it is awful, I been through 2 losses, all I would say is get to A & E today asap then you can be scanned hoping everything will be ok! I think the not know is just torture xx

  • Agree with what the other ladies have said, try and stay as calm as you can, in the nicest possible way you have no control over what's happening so panicking won't do you any good, fingers crossed everything is ok xxxxxx

  • I had this at 8 weeks and 12, I was bleeding so heavy it soaked through my coat even by the time I got to A&e, at 12 weeks I passed a big clot, I thought it was the baby when it fell into the toilet!! Both times baby was fine, soooo scary I know and u won't rest until u have that scan! But physically rest and drink lots of water and ring them this am they should scan u ASAP xx good luck bleeding is soooo common! Xx

  • Thanks. I have had nothing else since yesterday so am really praying all is OK. Axx

  • I have had two bleeds since I have been pregnant, but I'm now 26 +4 weeks pregnant, so try not to worry. Good luck xx

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