It's all over 😒

Just a quick update, unfortunately it's all over for us. Had our beta result and definately a chemical pregnancy πŸ˜ͺ this was our last funded cycle.

3 rounds of ivf, 8 transfers, 13 embryos put back, 6 fails and 2 chemical pregnancies later and we are still without our miracle.

This has been the toughest yet, we have both cried so many tears. Thankyou to you all for your amazing support I couldn't have got through it without you all.

We have a consultation booked in a couple of months time to discuss everything and talk about private options. It's something to think about tho a lot of saving to do but scared of more heartache.

If anybody has any private clinic recommendations in the UK or abroad with rough prices please drop me a message, keeping our options open. As much as we love our clinic we need to look at what we can afford unfortunately.

I wish all you lovely ladies all the best whatever stage you are at, you are all amazing. Xxx ❀❀

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  • So sorry to hear this, take care of each other xxx

  • Im terribly sorry Flossy.good luck for the future.You are very strong and an inspiration to many.i hope you get your miracle one day soon.hugs to you.

  • I'm so sorry Flossy, I hope you will explore all options left for you and make the best decision to suit you xxx

  • So sorry to hear this. I hope for the best for the future. xx

  • Aww Flossy I am so sorry sweetheart, what a shit outcome when it was all looking so positive.

    A few months break will do you both good and then you can come back if that's what you want.

    Take care of yourself, xx

  • I'm sorry this didn't work for you this time round xxx

  • So so sorry.. xxx

  • Sorry to hear this, look after yourselves x

  • Good luck for whatever you decide in the future πŸ€ Sorry this wasn't your time 😞 xx

  • So sorry to read this such a difficult journey xxx

  • Ah flossy. I share with you the first time I've ever been able to post a comment wishing someone love and hugs since understanding what this pain feels like. You understand the pain all to well already.

    It's cruel. It's mean.

    I'm so sorry you find yourself here this week. Love to you both xxx

  • So sorry, life can be cruel. Thinking of you xx

  • so sorry to hear this. In time the tears will dry and grow strength will grow. Take time to grieve. Hugs to you xx

  • Really sorry to hear this. Sending a big hug. xxx

  • I am so so sorry take this time to get your strength back and consider options..sending you a huge hug xxx

  • Sad news :-(

  • I am really so sorry xx You have been incredibly courageous and resilient...I couldn't have gone through what you have...I admire you enormously!

    Look after each other and I hope things get better in time.

  • So so sorry flossy. Big hugs stay strong have a little break from it all heal and go and see the consultant with a clear mind. Xxx

  • So sorry lovely. Xxx

  • Oh flossy. Im sorry sweetheart ❀

  • I'm really sorry. It's so hard and unfair.

  • Oh my god I can't believe this has happened to you. I'm so so sorry- I was so hoping it was your time. I wish there was something that I could say to make it better. Life can be so cruel.

    Have you looked into an immune tests? Could you be referred to a miscarriage/ implantation clinic based on the two loses and other unsuccessful IVF attempts​? Could the specialist recommend additional medication that might help the pregnancy along? Could the specialist refer you for a hysteroscopy to have a closer look inside your womb and treat any abnormalities? Have you ever had a laparoscopy done to rule endometriosis out?

    Last week I had a laparoscopy and fertility consultant found and treated endometriosis from the pouch of Douglas- for nearly 6 years I was told that it was unexplained infertility. My symptoms were secondary infertility, pain with pelvic examinations and several abnormalities in my cycles- painful periods ( two visits to hospital) heavy periods ( to the point where I became anaemic-treated) bleeding and cramping between cycles, bowel changes during periods, chronic pain in lower left abdominal side for 6 months.

    I would definitely push for answers- you deserve them.

    Thinking of during this difficult time.


  • Really sorry to hear this. Sending you my best wishes for whatever you decide for the future. xx

  • I'm so sorry - there are no words for the pain. Funded NHS IVF is usually cheaper than private IVF if that's an option for you xx

  • So sorry flossy! Sending you big hugs, look after yourselves!xx

  • So sorry to hear this I will PM you my clinic in Cyprus xx

  • I'm so sorry it's a terrible feeling I feel for u πŸ˜” sending big hugs xxx

  • Oh flossy I'm so sorry, I know what this feels like and am here anytime if you need a chat/rant. I am going to Warwick implantation clinic this month for Uterine NK Cells testing, it costs Β£540 for two biopsies, may be something worth looking into? Sending lots of love xxxxx

  • Hi sprinkles could you pm me the details of this clinic, thanks Hun xx

  • Of course xxx

  • So so sorry Flossy, it's so devastating 😒 This is what happened to me a few weeks ago, you're so elated after seeing those two lines for once, then it's all snatched away only days later. It's not fair and you really have been through it. Take time to get your heads straight then decide your next steps, that's what we're doing although I'm still as confused as I was 3 weeks ago πŸ˜• Hopefully time will make things clearer. Huge hugs lovely xxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this xxxx

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