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The waiting is such a torture

Hello good people. I have really tried not to bother you with my posts for some time. I am just wondering if there is anyone here who is in the same boat as me. I will be doing medicated FET on 21 December, and my EC date was 7 November. They made me wait this much :( I have really tried to be positive but i feel like i am losing it. The anxiety is turning into frustration and i am worried it will affect FET if i am stressed. Please help, what things can i concentrate on, things that will help in the preparation for the FET. It is now 21 days to go and it feels like a decade, i can`t wait to have my embies inside me. Sorry for a ridiculous post :(

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Oh Stacia - it isn't a ridiculous post! Of course you want to have your embies inside you, that is only natural. I realise that those 21 days will feel like a long time but hopefully they will soon pass. I think like you say having something else to concentrate on might help the time pass more quickly. Do you have any hobbies or interests you might do in the meantime? I have read that a lot of people enjoy those adult colouring books and other people like to knit or sew.

If you find out the answer to how to stop stressing then can you tell me too?! I would love to be less anxious but it's difficult isn't it?

Perhaps someone else will be along with some other more practical advice but I just wanted to wish you the best and I hope you get a really good new year's present after all your patient waiting. xx


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