Tomorrow crunch day for my 1 lonesome Embie

Got an email from my greek clinic yesterday to say day 3 embie doing what it should, no update today as day 4 they cant test then tomorrow is crunch day- if its survived to freeze it and hope they get one more out of me in January, to enable putting 2 back.

First day on my own as partner gone back to work and my work is quiet this month so feeling a bit depondant thinking that when people have lots of embryos not all make it to day 5 so how can i be hopeful that my one and only will make it x

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  • Hi 72cloud9. As the email says, your little embie is doing what it should do, so it must mean business! Hopefully one will join it in January. Cook something nice for when your partner gets home. It will help to keep you occupied until he gets back. I realise how worrying it all can be for you, but trust your clinic and let's hope the New Year is your time. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane xxx

  • We are all keeping our fingers crossed for you! It's an anxious time though.

    Let us know what happens tomorrow please xx

  • Xxxxxx fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Everything crossed for you xx

  • Keep believing xxx

  • Echoing what advise Diane has given....I wish you all the very best and remain positive's hard im sure not knowing but hopefully your embie will make it. We all Will be here to support.

  • Fingers crossed for you! Hope everything goes well. x

  • Fingers crossed. Everything seems to be going to plan nicely, keep positive and take care.xx

  • So excited for you. You only need one egg of good quality so it sounds like your little eggie is doing great. Sending positive thoughts and prayers. 🐣🐣🐣xxx

  • Thanks guys! Our embryo survived!! Can't quite believe it! Grade 8/10!!😍❀️

  • Yay sounds good. Sending you lots of positive thoughts. When do you go for ET? I will be thinking of you. 😘xx

  • Thank u.hopefully back there in Jan as they want to try & get one more egg.if all goes to plan, then transfer would be then as well x

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