Hi lovely ladies,

How are you all doing on this beautiful sunny Day?

Its day one of down reg tomorrow for me on the long protocol..anyone else around the same stage? Feeling very positive this time I must say! Think the sunshine helps:)

Here's a little affirmation for you all, try repeating this to yourself in the mirror " I now release all of my fears and concerns about my fertility, and I declare myself fertile." Let's tell our bodies that we will be pregnant, really believe it and visualise it! I'll post amother tomorrow :)

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  • Wishing you a the very best.... what a lovely saying, stay positive and remember, we are here to help and support through this journey. This group is still nderdul avd soooo supportive. The wife is 10 weeks today, so remain positive, keep in touch, will be following your jiourneybwth intetest

  • Thank you! And big congrats to you and your wife:) xx

  • Hi Beckyboo1985. Well just needed to wish you huge luck when you start tomorrow, and hope the "mirror" message works for you all. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks so much Diane, will keep you updated xx

  • Hi Beckyboo1985. Please do. Diane xx

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