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First consultation

Hi all... I had a phone call from my ivf clinic yesterday and I have my first consultation next Wednesday. The secretary was very lovely on the phone and said things move quickly after this appointment. I was wondering what will they start with first? Will it be removing the eggs or will it be hormone injections? I know everyone is different but I'm really happy to hear stories from everyone so I have a rough idea what to expect. X

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My wife is in the middle of her journey now but roughly speaking.... your consultant will get lots of tests done mainly on you but maybe on your partner aswell, followed by a scan on your next cycle, and which point you will start the injections (in the evenings) during that cycle... this will be done over a period of 2 weeks ( whilst going on for various scans to see how things are progressing with the follicles. You will also be instructed to take a further injection in B the mornings too.

Once there are happy, they will instruct you to have what they refer to as a trigger. You will then be told to go in for egg collection 36 hours after.

Hope this is helpful :)


agree, you are totally right. also what i think is worth mentioning is that you will be advised on the protocol of your meds, like briefly you will be taking pills made to stimulate your ovaries. but judging by your tests results you will be told will you have to start stimulation in your natural cycle or you will have to stop the next cycle and begin all over.

but sanj76 explained all very well. hah


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I tried Calmity....it helps to be a observant Husband I guess lol

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That is brilliant. Thank you both so much ☺ I like to prepare myself with what to expect. Thanks again ☺


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